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For those with blankie babies, when did your child let go? I have a 5 year old son (just turned 5) and he still loves his blankie.  I am not too worried about it as he now leaves it behind for school and any social event without fuss.  He still loves to drag it around with him anywhere we go, just as a family.  In other words, when he is around  people with which he is most comfortable.  When he is around his friends or sees other kids he will shove it back to me and pretend like he has never seen the thing. So, again, I am not really worried and never have been, but just curious.  Dad would rather it go in storage and his teacher has even pushed the issue a bit.  I have always made it clear to both that I don't feel there is any problem with it as he is not insistent on having it with him at all times.  Plus, he has stopped crying when I forget to bring it with me for school pick up (which I occasionally do intentionally to see how he does).  That tells me he is moving in the right direction and the attachment is within health boundaries.  As a side note, I will give my husband credit as he really is pretty sympathetic to it.  He has just pushes it a bit more than I have.  I have noticed my son is quite sensitive to his surroundings and to change.  He is also a very hyperactive child.  I think the blanket helps calm him.  I think this is okay as long as he learns more age appropriate coping mechanisms as he grows (and I will help him with that as well).  I am very much like him so I empathize in a way I don't think others can.  I get attached to things and the memories that come along with them.  I am super sensitive to my surroundings, but have learned how to cope with that.  He is still learning. As a child, I would keep so many things that would seem silly to others because it had some sort of memory attached to it.  I don't really do that anymore, but I notice he is much like that and is also not a fan of change. So, again, I think his blanket attachment helps him cope with all the big things this world throws at him and, at this point, I don't feel it is an issue or anything that should be forced on him.  Sorry for the book, but feel the details could be important! Again, not concerned at this point, just curious to hear other's experiences. Thanks in advance for your insight! 
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