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The never ending blinking smileys!

DH and I are trying naturally this month after a couple of recent IVF rounds, so I'm back to using my ClearBlue ovulation detector which has always worked like clockwork before...2 days blinking smileys to show high fertility and estrogen surge, followed every time by the solid smiley for LH surge.

This time, I am currently on day 6 of a blinking smiley and want to punch the smile!!! Is it defective or me? I should add that I called the ClearBlue help line this morning and she said up to 9 days blinking is normal but for me I usually ovulate earlier than most, on day 11-13. I'm now on CD17. I did take two BCP on CD2 because I was going to be doing another IVF but that's been delayed due to RE's/clinic's vacation schedule, but perhaps those two pills delayed me somehow. Any thoughts?

Re: The never ending blinking smileys!

  • Well that's weird. I tried the opk you use several months back. I did not like it because it took what seemed like 5 minutes to show the result. Either way just keep BD.

    you enjoying the natural cycle? I've been doing so much better this last month.
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  • @vlagrl29 yes I am enjoying it! Apart from the weird OPK thing or weird me thing lol! It's nice to get to BD without thinking of the next injection and side effects...
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  • Oh I'm sure it's much less anxiety for you. I wish you lots of luck this month!
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  • MomifbyseaMomifbysea member
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    Thanks @vlagrl29. Day 7 of blinking smiley today. I think the meds "broke" me. Ive never not ovulated since I started doing the OPK over a year ago.

    DH is going to buy a new one today because I used the last test this morning. We have to stay with the same kind since we are in the middle of it though for the digital kind.
  • do you get fertile CM that comes out?  That's all I go by now.  Last month it came out all at once ha!
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  • I did notice a lot of clear coming out a few days ago and we did BD like the day before it so maybe we caught it. This morning was day 8 of the blinking smiley so I think either we missed a super quick surge with the test or I didn't ovulate this month. 
  • Hopefully you caught it! 
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  • i'm sorry i don't have anything to add- i've never successfully used OPKs (i just don't understand when and how to use them) ... i just want to say i hope you caught your egg this month!
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    Married: 05.2012  
    TTC #1 Since April 2016
    HSG/FSH/AMH/E2/SA all normal DX: unexplained IF

    spontaneous BFP 01/01/2017-  Alexander was born sleeping 04/13/2017 at 19w1d  ic/chorio
    September 2017 HSG #2 & Gonal-F/Femara/Ovidrel/IUI #1 = ep (Salpingectomy of left fallopian tube)
    spontaneous BFP 01/02/2018  EDD Aug 30th  It's a GIRL!
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  • I hope it turns out the Blinky smiley faces are a good sign!!
  • liljoy-2liljoy-2 member
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    Hi ladies, just saw the title and had to chime in. I used the ClearBlue for almost a year when TTC naturally and it was accurate like clockwork and it also made me realize I was pretty regular, which is good. I had never-ending blinking smileys only one cycle, and it was after one of my IUI or mini-IVF cycles, if I remember correctly. RE said I never ovulated that cycle. And the length of my cycle was affected after each medicated cycle. We can't expect that the artificial meds and the interventions we do are not affecting our bodies. That's why it's always wise to have at least one month gaps between intervention cycles. At least that's my gut feeling and RE agreed.  

    If I could take back what I did on my IUI/IVF journey and do it differently (go with my initial feeling) it would be awesome. Instead, I just got sucked in what I was told it was "best" for me. Turns out I was right on every count eventually, not the clinic. Ugh. 
  • @liljoy I have to say I agree and it may be a blessing in disguise that I couldn't do IVF two cycles in a row due to that cyst. It's so tempting when you're short on time like I am but maybe we will be the tortoise that wins the race!
  • How'd you get the cycst @Momifbysea
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  • artemis618artemis618 member
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    @Momifbysea  Hey there, I've been off here for a few weeks for sanity's sake (even deleted the app).  Any sign of O?  My third retrieval this year was on 6/4, and I didn't ovulate till day 21 this cycle.  Somewhat unheard of for me - I've always O'd between days 14-16 as long as I've been tracking - even in my two cycles between IVF treatments this year (was on luteal lupron protocol for the second and third, so had to wait to ovulate to start the lupron).  My RE did mention that the lupron the previous cycle could delay ovulation (we were discussing medicated timed intercourse - if we want to try it this month, I'm to call the RE when AF arrives), but I didn't think it'd be by almost a week!  

    I have to say it's been nice not doing anything IVF-related for the first cycle this year.  We thought maybe I'd o'd already, so stupidly stopped BD for the two days before I got a +opk on CD20.  Wonky cycle, but FF seems to think temps confirm CD21 O.  Not holding my breath, I just hope my regular (shorter) cycle returns in the interest of more chances.  This was also our first cycle trying naturally since last July!
    About me:
    Married 6/18/16 (Me 42, DH 44), TTC #2
    Natural BFP 8/10/16 --> mc our NIPT-normal little girl at 11w5d on 10/1/16 :(
    As of 12/2016:  AMH 1.42, FSH 6.1, AFC ~10
    Self-benched Nov-Dec 2016 for
    IVF #1 Jan-Feb 2017 (OCP, testosterone primed antagonist w/HGH - ER 2/2/17 - 12R, 7M ICSI'd, 3F, 0B)
    IVF #2 Mar-Apr 2017 (testosterone primed agonist/luteal lupron w/HGH - ER 4/8/17 - 10R, 8M, 8F, 5B, 1 PGS normal)
    IVF #3 May-Jun 2017 (testosterone primed agonist/luteal lupron w/HGH - ER 6/4/17 - 14R, 5F, 3B, 0 normal)
    **New RE**
    IVF #4 Sept 2017 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 9/28/17 - 33R, 18F, 10B, 4 PGS normals!)
    FET #1 (medicated) of one PGS normal 4AA XX 11/2/17 - Beta #1 11/11/17 (153), Beta #2 11/13/17 (324), mc at 5w1d on 11/19/17 :(
    IVF #5 Dec 2017 - Insemination of 9 frozen eggs from 2012 (8F, 1B, 0 normal)
    Jan 2018 - Natural cycle ERA (normal/receptive) & stimming for
    IVF #6 Jan-Feb 2018 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 2/3/18 - 17R, 6M, 4F, 0 blasts)
    IVF #7 Feb 2018 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 2/26/18 - 19R, 9M, 9F, 4B, 2 PGS normals)
    FET #2 Apr 2018 (natural cycle w/o trigger, w/P4 support) of one PGS normal 4AA- XX 4/5/18 - Beta #1 4/14/18 (67), Beta #2 4/16/18 (231)
    Rainbow baby girl born 12/16/2018 (via c-section, induced at 39 weeks)

    FET #3 Dec 2019 (natural cycle w/o trigger, w/P4 support) of one PGS normal 3BB XY 12/16/19 - Beta #1 12/24/19 (139), Beta #2 12/27/19 (482)

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  • I understand you taking a break for a few weeks and I have too @artemis618! Hence my delayed reply...I'm now on BCP for IVF #3 so we shall see. That's interesting about your delayed O. Hey you never know right? Wouldn't it be awesome if it worked naturally for you and you didn't have to do PIO?!?
  • Hi (again) everyone, sorry to chime in so late, but I am only now back on the TTC train and seeing this thread. For anyone reading this now, I wanted to share that with my first pregnancy, the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor (aka CBFM) never showed a peak, although I was successful with the wondfo OPKs. So it would appear that the CBFM works for many, but not for everyone.
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