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Just wanted to share my experience with the Counsyl test as I know it can be very agonizing to wait on results!

I had my blood drawn on 6/28. I received an email from Counsyl on 6/30 indicating that my sample had been received.  I created an account to follow the progress. On July 3, my sample had been processed through the lab and was then in "Clinical Review."  Today I got super anxious and decided to call Counsyl.  I was told that "clinical review" means the results have been released to my doctor (I had not yet heard from my doctor).  So since the results were ready to release to me, they set up a call with a genetic counselor to call within the hour.  My phone rang about 10 minutes later.  She explained the test and gave me the results over the phone.  (My results came back normal/low risk!!!)   She was so nice and helpful.  Once the results have been released to you (via genetic counselor or your doctor) they will release to your patient portal on the website so you review the full report. (Please careful- the gender prediction is on the report if you opted for it!  )

My results came back within 10 days (even with the 4th of July holiday in there).  Super happy and pleased with Counsyl.  Hope everyone else has a similar experience! 
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