any moms out there have tips to get ride of thrush. DS and I were both treated with nystatin and that did help much. Now we're both on diflucan. He's clearing up great but I don't think I am.  Help!
Married for 3 years
Me: 28 DH: 33
Together for a total of 6 years
Fur mommy to two rescue dogs
DX: PCOS and Insulin Resistance

Irregular Cycles
2010: Laproscopy with Hystroscopy ablation. Tubes were clear.
1/5/2016 : DH sperm analysis is excellent.
February: Switched to a new RE
Two failed clomid rounds
March 2016: New HSG and found tubes are open
April 2016: Round one Letrozole 2.5 mg. Ultrasounds day 13 &16. No follicle grouth
May 2016: Had to take a month off
June 9th 2016: Started Letrozole again but at 5mg
July 5th: bfp beta 31
July 7th: Beta 97
July 9th: Beta 231
July 11th: Beta 500
July 13: Beta 1400
Beautiful son born 3/16/17 @ 1:38pm

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