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HDBD 7/5

Miss Brynlee has been quite the foodie recently... cake is still her #1. This cake happened to have black frosting *insert eye roll, here*

She helped me make blueberry muffins while brother was sleeping :) in her jammie shirt, no pants, and one sparkly shoe lol

She looked like a cannibal by the end of this popsicle, but she was the cutest little disaster ever. 

Re: HDBD 7/5

  • KFrobKFrob member
    The first pic I tried to put my arm around her for a rare nice family pic and she pushed it away! 18 months going on 15 years! 

    General craziness
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  • @maureenmce She kept making crazy faces and either growling or roaring... terrifying little thing. Lol
  • I got an indoor jumping thing, because it is too dang hot to be outside in houston in the summer. Evelyn has enjoyed it!


  • Keaton always looks so unimpressed when we take him to doing anything fun. Fourth of July parade and fire truck foam wasn't very cool I guess. 
  • Wild child, little climber dare devil, and laundry "Helper" sorting through baby sisters shower gifts!
  • Ramsey cheesing with cheese
    Ramsey and his cousin Violet (he loves babies!)
    Ramsey and his big sister helping with chores
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