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HDBD 7/5

I didn't see one started yet. Let's see those cuties!

Re: HDBD 7/5

  • We had a long day at the Del Mar fair yesterday. Ethan had a blast!  In other news, we have finally done a full transition to the sippy cup and packed the bottles away. Hurray!  
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  • No pictures from the holiday yesterday as DH & I went out of town for the day and Miles got to spend time with DH's parents. These are from this weekend while I let Miles lead our evening walk around the neighborhood. We only ever made it 3 doors down before he got distracted and ran back, but it was nice to let him explore at his own pace
    Me: 32 DH: 31 *The old lady by 5 whole weeks*
    Married: 11/2013
    M: 6/2016  E: 5/2018
  • You all are so lucky. LO was all pooped out from traveling! We flew from San Antonio to San Diego California. He was fussy most of the flight but thankfully a lady sat in our row had 6 grandkids so she was so patient!
    no sign of walking but cruises furniture a lot. 
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