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Nervous Nelly/Intro?

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So, I have 2 healthy living children but then had a baby with several birth defects and she died at 10 days old. For my rainbow after her, I was a wreckkkk the whole pregnancy. I asked for several extra scans but they were all scheduled weeks in advance and I managed to never show up at admission/ER or call the nurse for an extra scan or appt. Baby ended up being healthy. Then for rainbow #2 I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks :/ Now I'm pregnant again at 11 weeks and I've already called In twice and been in once for an extra scan

Re: Nervous Nelly/Intro?

  • Oops, I think only half my post showed up!! Sorry y'all.
  • I was basically going on about how nervous I've been even though I thought I was doing better than my other rainbow pregnancy, and was wondering if y'all go in for extra/unscheduled appts in the beginning, or throughout pregnancy? What would be a typical appt time line for y'all? When I went in for my extra scan it was only 11 days til my next appt and so they pushed it back 4'weeks since they saw me that day and now idk if I can make it 4 weeks. Should I be trying to schedule more, or just show up when I need for peace of mind, or try to get some self control to wait it out?
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