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Tiny beans

I wanted to share this great app I found called Tiny beans. It is basically s photo journal for your kids. What's neat is you can add people to view and or edit the journal so people who want to see endless pics of your baby can and those who don't can just ignore the invite. You can also log milestones like first smile first bath and document weight and height.  They have great filters and super cute stickers. We have posted every day for 2 months. It's fun to start going back and seeing how our baby has changed. 

Re: Tiny beans

  • I want to piggy back on lmh682's post! My sister-in-law recommended the Tiny Beans app and company to me, as her sister uses this app too, and for all the reasons listed above and more, I would really recommend it to families looking to share the growth and development of their little ones and their family, without it being a huge public affair. You own all your own content and it doesn't get shared with anyone outside of your approved people you have invited to the app. People can view it online as well, so it doesn't restrict people to having to have a smart phone. It was created by a great family and is still family run. I'd recommend checking it out if you haven't before and be prepared to enjoy how fun and simplistic it is to keep family and close friends up to date.
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