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12 month check up

what was you ladies' experiences at the 12 month check up?

 I'm concerned because I keep hearing the question pop up about baby "talking". He says mama, Dada, and will make all sorts of other sounds ya, ada, buh, and other noises with his mouth but no actual "words". 

He's also started shaking his head and he'll roll his eyes into the back of his head sometimes. 

Probably just paranoid, but yea. 

Re: 12 month check up

  • We has our dr appt and our ped asked if there are 1-2 words E says that he could understand.  I was like "ahhhh...there are several things he says that I can understand but it's not always clear".  He said no worries, the "normal" range for words spoken now is 0-2.
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  • I was getting worried about this too, but like you guys, she seems to understand a lot. She also says a lot of things repetitively and I assume they mean something to her, haha
  • Elise is behind in her communication skills as well because she started walking early. She can say "this" and "dada". She rarely says dada anymore though. She can also sign more. 
  • We had ours last week and Will's Dr seemed less concerned with how many words he could say and more about whether or not he seemed to understand us. When we mentioned we use "Ah ah!" when he's getting into something he shouldn't and he listens she seemed satisfied and moved on.

    Also, I heard somewhere (maybe here??) that those monthly milestones are meant to be reached by the end of the month. A lot can change in a month. 
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    Thanks, ladies. That puts my mind at ease. Sometimes I wish there was less info out in the world. I'd trust my gut more. I think he's doing perfectly well.
  • We just had ours today and as far as words go our doc said he expects 3 by now, but he wasn't too concerned that P only has 2. Otherwise it was a quick check up with 3 shots for us.
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  • We haven't had our checkup (it's at the end of the month) but we're at 0 words here, other than babbling. He started walking at 11 months, understands several words, and will SOMETIMES repeat something, but he isn't using words to mean anything yet. He's also doing a few signs, but not 100% of the time...
  • Samesies to everyone.  Pedi didn't seem concerned since she understands things and has mama and dada.  I mentioned that she will say a word consistently for a week or 2 and then never says it again and doc said no worries.  She learned it and is storing it for later. 

    It was crazy though- no undressing and she got to get on the big kid scale! 
  • Next appointment in 2 months?? We don't go back until 18 months!
  • We had ours yesterday! She can say 2 words but only says one consistently. Doctor had no concerns.

    Our next appointment is at 15 months. 
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    Yep, she said 14 months? I don't mind. I kinda prefer regular check ins so we can catch any issues early 
  • @FTM53 Oh I agree!! That's very cool. After the 2-4-6, out medical group only does appointments every 6 months! We didn't get a 9 month appointment, and I think a lot of you ladies did. 
  • Our next one is at 15 months as well.  She said it would be more of a developmental check so I don't anticipate any shots or yuckiness.
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