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Anybody stockpiling diapers/wipes?

Costco has a good sale going right now on diapers/wipes so I just bought a few boxes of size 1s and 2s, and wipes.

Re: Anybody stockpiling diapers/wipes?

  • Would love to stock up on that stuff, my house is really tiny though and I can't. Baby isn't even going to have their own room to start out with. Kudos to those who have the room!
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    I am am just buying a few boxes/bags here and then when they're on sale. I learned from DS that you use waaay more than you think! And I cloth diapered in the beginning but DS's daycare doesn't allow it. 
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  • I'm not but I have a friend who has been stock piling for a while now (way before they even starting thinking about TTC; she's now due in October). She's huge into couponing and seriously probably has enough for her first two kids. 

    I'm thinking about starting though and just slowly working up to a good stash.
  • @schaze I loke the idea of a deals and steals thread :)
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  • @schaze I would LOVE a deals and steals thread!
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    I haven't yet but I buy diapers on Amazon (I use Prime) and order them doing subscribe and save so they ship monthly. I pay $25ish for a giant box of Luvs and they last a little over a month! I'll probably do the same for this little one too 

    ETA: I have a 12 month old so he's still in diapers 
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    @beans17 that's a great idea! For us, we got 3 different brands at my shower and had bought some on crazy sale so we were able to try a bunch first and decide. 
  • I also Amazon subscribe and save. 

    When I first had DD1 I'd coupon and find the cheapest. I got over that pretty quick. Having that shit show up on my door step each month works best for us. 
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  • I'm kinda a minimalist so the thought of having diapers just sitting in our closet until Jan almost gives me hives. Lol. Seems like costco runs sales on diapers/wipes quite a bit. We're out of the diaper stage currently but it seems I rarely bought them full price. 
    But if you've got plenty of storage, you'll probably be glad to have one less thing to worry about! 
  • I use cloth diapers probably 95% of the time. But I put my toddler in a disposable diaper for grandma visits and bedtime. I buy the diapers from Aldi and they are really comparable to the target brand but a bit cheaper. They even had a huge box on sale a month or so ago. Don't be afraid to test out the Aldi brand. I think pampers are great but they are pricey and those newborns go through like a billion! 
  • schazeschaze
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    @trudytudy I was so excited for the Aldi diapers but we ended up not liking them :( blowouts galore! They're a steal though, I wish they worked better for DD.
  • @GraceUponGrace09 - I'm a planner :) It gives me a sense of comfort when all I can do is wait for this baby to gestate. We have a utility room downstairs so I can store them. I like the thought of not having to make more trips to the store than I have to!
  • @schaze we love the Aldi diapers, not the wipes. My kid can use most diaper brands but Huggies and the Cuties brand his daycare tried making us use. Weird. haha But we tend to stick to LUVs/Target Brand because they're easier to get when we're out and about.

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  • I plan on using disposable diapers for the first little while, like 3 weeks... But after that I will be cloth diapering my baby! My husband and some of my friends look at me like I'm crazy but I think it is doable. Looking forward to the learning curve :) 
  • @clearlyclara I have cloth diapered my first two babies and it's been pretty good. I'm glad we do it. I used disposables for the most part when they were tiny and I think that is the way to go. Cloth diapering isn't as complicated as some people make it out to be.  I'm pretty pragmatic about things and don't like to fuss with a bunch of details. Just make sure you wash them properly and I'm sure you'll do fine. (When I say wash properly, I mean use sufficient and appropriate detergent, some people have issues with that and I hate it for the babies) 
  • @trudytudy it's so good to see someone who has successfully cloth diapered! I'm excited to get into it later after the babies are born :) 
  • @beans17 with DS I had stockpiled a decent amount of Huggies feeling sure that I would stick to that brand, but I HATED Huggies. Was so excited when my stockpile was gone and I could switch. I ended up loving Pampers Swaddlers for day and Pampers Baby-Dry for night. I'm sure I'll do the same brands with baby #2 so I may start stockpiling soon. Your gift card idea is soooo smart though! I wish I had thought of that with my first pregnancy. 
  • @clearlyclara, I have plenty of friends who have cloth diapered and loved it. 
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  • I clothed diapered with DD until she was about 12 months, and I'm not quite sure if I'll do it again. I didn't have the time/energy to wash the inserts myself, so we used a company that would pick up dirty inserts and deliver clean ones to our doorstep weekly. Lots of stuff I loved about it, including no blowouts, but there's just something about using disposables that's easier. So I haven't decided, but either way disposables on hand are always a good thing. If you've got the room, why not stockpile then, then that's one less thing to do/buy when you are exhausted with a newborn. 
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    I am a shit for brains . Someone told me with DD that I should start buying them way early so I did and had a closet full. I am unorganized and I'm weird and didn't go all bananas over a nursery etc . Needless to say I would find boxes of diapers that she already grew out of behind another box etc . It was 100% my fault and my sister who had her son in Feb got a lot of them only because I thought to myself there is no way I will be able to keep these straight for the next one . For all you ladies who are able to manage them correctly I think it's a great idea! Honestly I'm lucky if I only forget her diaper bag once a week ;) poor kid haha I end up buying diapers on the run occasionally 
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