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Is anyone expecting twins?

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Im sure there's already a post about this but I want to talk with some ladies who are also expecting multiples. Have you started showing yet? I'm just always so scared because it's a high risk pregnancy. When is your EDD? Ahhhhh I'm just going crazy here and can't sleep so I'd love to hear from you ladies! Oh I'm ten weeks BTW. I'll post my US from six weeks below.

Re: Is anyone expecting twins?

  • Okay so don't kill me. I just read the *read this first* now I can't figure out how to delete this thread. Please don't post rude comments about how I'm not following rules. I was just going crazy and wanted to talk to someone. Please don't hate me lol :'(
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  • Welcome! Twins is such exciting (but also kind of frightening!) news! Congrats! There are a handful of ladies here who are pregnant with twins. 

    There is also a weekly MOMs (Moms of Multiples) check-in thread that is posted every Tuesday, for ladies who are expecting twins, triplets, etc to post and it's a good place to ask questions or rant about things that may pertain more to multiple pregnancies than singleton ones. The latest one was posted on 6/27 if you want to check it out... :smile:
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