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Can they induce you early due to hydronephrosis?

Hi ladies,

I'm 36 weeks pregnant (will make 37 weeks Sunday) and I have been in the hospital twice and that I have mild hydronephrosis - basically kidney swelling/fluid around kidney/urine backing up into kidney due to baby blocking tube that attaches bladder & kidney. I'm in miserable pain..nothing helps except Narco and I hate taking it, but I really have no choice when these "attacks" happen as I like to call it. I was just wondering what is standard protocol for this? Do they sometimes induce you early due to this or is this something that they just make you deal with until you deliver? I don't mean to sound selfish at all, but...this pain is just unbearable. I can't find much info about this on the internet which is weird since I've been told that it's kinda common in pregnancy!

Re: Can they induce you early due to hydronephrosis?

  • This is a great question to discuss with your doctor. A quick Google search makes it sound like some people are induced, some aren't, some go into labor naturally a couple of weeks early, etc.

    Ultimately you'd need to meet with your doctor to get induced at all, so asking him about it and finding out his recommendations would serve you much better than getting opinions and experiences of people online.

  • Exactly what @JennyColada said.  This is something that needs to be discussed between you and your doctor.  
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  • I do plan on discussing it with my doctor on Friday. I was just looking for others who have experienced this or know someone who has experienced this. 
  • I also have hydronephrosis. I had it with my first as well. My doctors have not suggested induction but brought up the possibility of putting a stint in. I declined this and decided I'd rather deal with the pain as I know it'll go away after pregnancy. 
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