Babies: 6 - 9 Months


Our doctor has recommended a helmet for mild head flattening.  But, I'm reading studies that say the helmets don't actually work. Does anyone have any experience?

Re: Helmet?

  • They definitely work! Our baby has been in one for 3 months. He had "severe" plagiocephaly and the shape of his head has completely changed and the flattening is almost resolved. The helmet works better the earlier you get it as you need to catch their early growth spurts.
  • I will say for mild though, they sometimes outgrow it! We opted to not get the helmet as our pediatrician said his head looked better a month after they recommended the helmet. He had a mild case too 
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  • Hi there! Not sure if you're on Instagram but I follow an account called @infantinsights and she helps tremendously with helping reshape babies heads! 
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