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Anterior Placenta?

I am 19 weeks and 1 day, I was told baby is vertex and my placenta is anterior. From what I've read on Google I mainly see that it's hard to feel baby kick and that it worried some moms in regards to a kick counter? Is there any advice or comments anyone could give me about this? Will it cause any problems? My ultrasound technician and doctor seemed in a rush to see me off and didn't really answer my questions. 

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Re: Anterior Placenta?

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    Very common. Nothing to worry about. Yes, you'll take longer to feel kicks, but you don't do kick counts early on anyway. Kick counts are usually just the last few weeks. Honestly, my midwives never even had me do counts. They gave me a worksheet for it but said I only needed to really pay attention and count if they noticeably slowed down or stopped. They never did so I never used it. 
  • Mine is anterior at 22 weeks.  I feel the kicks off to he sides of my belly mostly. As you get farther along they get stronger and won't be such an issue with feeling them. 
  • I had it in my first.  I didn't feel kicks for a while after you were suppose to, but I could feel movement and I got kicked in the ribs quite a bit.  It's pretty normal, you just can't see the movement as well since the placenta is sort of blocking it. 


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  • Had this with my first. Didn't feel movement until 21 weeks. By 25 I felt regular all over movement. Don't worry too much. It's normal

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