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My 16 month old has started hitting when he is told no for any reason. Sometimes he swats at the person telling him no and sometimes he hits whatever is around him like toys, furniture, or the floor. Is anyone else experiencing this or have any advise. He is my first child but I am due with my 2nd in November. I really want to get this resolved before she is born so he doesn't try to hit her. 

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  • Oh dear, same here!!! He don't hit all the time and it's gotten less. But yes, quite the temperature at times. I think to myself where did my sweet innocent little baby go???? I am also due in Nov the 16th :) I hope he loves this next baby. Right now, he's kinda mean to our dogs... I certainly do not allow him to be and I wuixkly correct him each time he is,. I just don't know where he has come up with that. Guess they're just learning their independence. 
  • Liam's hitting to.but mainly me.I read its normal but I don't remember my other two hitting till around 3.liam mostly hits when he's tired but then he goes straight for the face.nothing I've tried seems to help so far so I'll just keep trying
  • We are definitely in the hitting phase, but he also has 3 older brothers that he watches very closely so I think that plays a big role in his behavior.

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  • We've been doing time outs in the PnP for 1-2 mins for hitting/throwing

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