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Bitchfest Monday 6/26/17

Sorry its late, but all bitching goes here.


Re: Bitchfest Monday 6/26/17

  • Still waiting to hear results from the echo I had last Monday. The technician told me to call my doctor if I had not been given my results by today. I've been on hold and bumped to different departments all morning with no luck so far. I sure wish there were an easier way to leave a message directly for my doctor. I'll try to take the lack of communication as "no news is good news", but it would be nice to have my mind at ease. 
  • My BF is how much my arm hurts after getting my TDAP vaccine at my appointment this morning. I had it like 7 years ago in college after cutting my foot open on set for RENT, but I don't remember it burning like this. I thought I'd be a pro after getting Lovenox injections everyday of this pregnancy so far, but man, this is not a fun shot.
  • My BF is my in-laws. They are driving me crazy with their rudeness. MIL expects DH and I to bend over backwards and accommodate her every whim regardless of how impractical it is. She decided to delay their moving date from next week to the end of September, so now they need to find a place to stay for those three months until they leave for Europe. We were nice enough to agree to let them put a storage unit with their stuff in in on our land. And now MIL thinks she is going to take over the nursery room and turn it into her room without even asking us if that was ok. 

    How about no! I don't need the stress of trying to live with her, and there is no way in hell I am letting MIL boot my baby girl out of her nursery and into the office which is currently serving as the dog kennel room (which will also be housing their dog which MIL insists we have to adopt). Just no...
  • @JNR6510 oh hell nooooooo. If MIL wants to sleep in the office/dog kennel with her dog, be my guest. 

    My BF is it's Monday evening, after 7pm and I'm still waiting for my husband to finish a project at work so we can go home (we carpool). He can't even give me an ETA. I'm hungry, I'm tired, my back hurts and I am clearly whiney. I just want to be in my bed! 
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  • Does anyone else prefer not to get hand me downs for their baby? I know it may sound ungrateful but I'm having my first girl and im excited about buying her stuff. DH and I are doing well financially but my sis keeps insisting she's given me her daughter's stuff. They've been worn by both her daughters.  How do I kindly say no?

    I know how this may come off but I'm being honest.  I prefer new clothes and im super excited about buying them for her. Thoughts?

    I know this more of an UO than it is a BF but I didn't know where else to put this.
  • @kgemkid My mom's coworker did this with DS, and between MIL and my mom buying clothes all the time, we didn't need any hand me downs, and they just weren't my style really. I stored them in a box at the top of his closet, and I'm going to donate them once I'm done having kids. I felt like it was a little rude, but there wasn't room in the dresser for them, and my mom said I would be rude if I didn't accept them.
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    @kgemkid. Personally, I love hand me downs. But, that being said, all of the people who I  have gotten clothes from have asked if I would like them rather than assume that of course I would like them. Several of the items that I've gotten recently are definitely not my style, but I have saved them and we'll take them to the thrift store once I have my life a little more organized. When I offered my coworker clothes for his new baby boy, he had specific stipulations about what he wanted and didn't want, ie. cutesy slogans. I was happy to accommodate that and went through my clothes to give him items he would actually want. So if you're comfortable with your sister, you could also give her guidelines. I didn't see that as rude.
  • @heatherlynn321and @CoastalMomma thanks ladies. I think I'm kind of nervous that if I don't put them on my baby, she'll notice and call me out on it. I don't want to donate them bc I'm afraid she'll ask for them back one day (she's done both in the past). 

    I think I will just need to be honest- I just don't know what words to use that won't offend her in any way. 
  • @kgemkid well I could just give you my address and you could send them to me! Lol 
    We currently only have a few out fits we picked up at garage sales. Once we get the bedrooms done I'm hoping we can start getting more.
  • @kgemkid I feel the same way as you. I'm using all the hand me downs from my son, but I don't like others peoples hand me downs. I would rather go out and buy it new. I would accept it and only have her in the outfit if she's at the house or snap a picture and put it away. 
  • My BF is a coworker has called me fat for the third time since I've gotten pregnant. Yesterday the comment was "Wow you've got quite the muffin top" before it was "Shamu just swam in!" and the first time was "You're really letting yourself go". Mind you I started my pregnancy out at 140 lbs and I've gained just under 12 lbs so far (27 +3) at 5'9". I feel self conscious already to the point I don't stand when he's in the room and I avoid walking past his office. Everyone tells me to brush it off because it's all in my belly but it's still incredibly hurtful. 
  • @Mozzafiato2016 I would be going down to HR to file a formal complaint right away. If the douchebag has already done it multiple times, that goes beyond just a stupid slip of the tongue and has become harassment. 
  • @Mozzafiato2016 First that is absolutely absurd. I would have snapped on his ass the first time but the second time in would have reported him. That is completely uncalled for. Also no need to justify your height and weight. Every woman is so different it's crazy! This is my 3rd and I had a heart to heart with my doctor this last visit because I'm 5'2 and gain stupid amounts of weight every time no matter if I eat right and work out 5 days a week. I'm not working out with this one and don't care too honestly. My doctor said that my hormones just go crazy and there is not a whole lot I can do. On the upside I lose the weight quicker than a lot of people I guess so it's whatever. I have healthy babies and that's all I want. Everyone else can go fly a kite! Lol
  • @Mozzafiato2016 That is more than BF worthy - I would've assaulted the guy. 
  • @Mozzafiato2016 let me punch this guy in the throat for you. His behavior is incredibly inappropriate for any setting, especially work.
  • This guy sounds like he watches The Office, and looks to Michael Scott as a role model.
  • kgemkid said:
    @heatherlynn321and @CoastalMomma thanks ladies. I think I'm kind of nervous that if I don't put them on my baby, she'll notice and call me out on it. I don't want to donate them bc I'm afraid she'll ask for them back one day (she's done both in the past). 

    I think I will just need to be honest- I just don't know what words to use that won't offend her in any way. 

    I think I would just tell her "Thank you so much for the offer, but I have so much stuff already. I just have no other place to put extra things..." something along those lines. I have two boys and I've had to say this before. They understand.

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  • Feeling like I'm getting mom shamed  over scheduling my RCS. So with DS (1st child) my water broke, went to hospital and got admitted. Was having super light contractions so after about 8 hours we started pitocin. Was dialated 4cm and that is as far as I got, at 18 hour mark I started swelling and got back to 3 cm. My OB said she thought it was best to have a c-section at that point. I agreed, got epidural, everything was great and recovery wasn't too bad for me. So now this pregnancy after talking to my OB we discussed having an RCS is best since I have a really narrow pelvis and she thinks I could try for a VBAC but would probably end up in same situation.  My SIL is a doula and she has completely made me feel like shit about scheduling RCS and says my OB just wants to get paid more for a C-section... eye roll... I have 3 friends who all see the same OB and have had vaginal births with all their kids. Anyways.. more of a rant I guess since we just got back from vacation with them and it was a hot topic but anyone else get negative feedback on your decision for RCS? 
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    @lizh62288 I spent many hours with my sister my she labored with my oldest niece. After many many hours unmedicated and no progression past 4or 5 she decided to get an epidural. My nieces heart rate dropped and they had to do an emergency C-section. She just had my other neice a couple months ago and really thought about a Vbac. I seriously told her she was crazy. I'm having my third vaginally with no pain meds and I did not shame or or think bad of her at all! I encouraged it. Watching her go through that was horrible and I asked her to keep an open mind because honestly all that matters is that these little babies come out safely!!! She decided to do a RCS. And I'm feeling pretty good by saying your OB would know what is best for you and baby. So who cares what she says mama. You just do what is best for you and that little babe.
  • @jessieR358 I totally feel the same way I just try to avoid the conversations with her. It's awkward lol. 

    @tfrangul Thanks! I feel like RCS is safest route and so does DH and my OB. 
  • @lizh62288 I don't understand why people think they get to have an opinion about how my baby should come out of my body. I have to have a planned C section (I have a chronic illness and complications from that necessitate the C), but you would not believe the number of people who have told me that my doctor is just telling me I need one so they can do the C section and that I should "fight" for a vaginal birth. Um, no, not only do I trust my OB, but my other doctors agreed that it was what had to happen.
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