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  • kelk5kelk5
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    @TInman87 that is so sweet that he said goodnight to the baby. I don't think he's to trying to make you feel better but finds you even more irresistible right now.... it's that pregnancy glow
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  • @WildMagelet I do enjoy Into the Woods, but Company and Sweeney Todd are my Sondheim jams. But I've got a whole long list of favorite musicals. Out of curiosity, what shows were you involved with when you did community theater? I've done a couple the past few years (Little Shop of Horrors and Curtains) and they were so much fun!
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  • Anybody know why my username is appearing as a long, strange, string of characters instead of the one I saved?  
  • @knottie with the long strange string of characters, try logging out and logging back in again. That seems to work for most!
  • I just saw on Labcorp website that my Informaseq results were sent to my doctor yesterday but I haven't heard from them yet. Do I call and bug them or wait for them to call me? I'm getting so anxious and impatient. Tomorrow is day 5 so I feel weird calling today because they told me 5-7 days. Wwyd?? Lol
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  • @PhillymommaX2 I'd totally call! Worst than can say is call back later!
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  • @PhillymommaX2 I'd call. I've been calling every day for my Panorama results lol.

    I use Hypnobabies! http://www.hypnobabies-store.com/link.cgi?affiliateID=472

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  • schazeschaze
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    @KatieEl eek so excited for you!
  • Congrats to those ladies who are closing/moving, such an exciting time! Haven't been able to post as much this week d/t work being crazy busy bit we we able to announce to some of our best friends last night (who have 2 kiddos) and they were so excited!
  • Has anyone had to fly yet during pregnancy? I know we are all still pretty early, but I have to fly to St. Louis tomorrow and it'll be a 2 hour trip. Wondering if anyone had any tips to keep me comfy. No more MS, so I should hopefully feel ok. Just lots of aches and cramps from growing baby at this point.
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  • @whitta1218 I flew from the Midwest to Alberta Canada for work when I was about 8 weeks along with my first. Everything went fine except I was tired and nauseated. Just stay hydrated and bring some snacks. You can opt for the pat down vs the body scanner also that's what I did. 
  • Shanski70Shanski70
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    @Whitta1218 just like @trudytudy said, stay hydrated.  It's a two hour flight, but if you start to feel stiff or restless no shame in getting up to stretch walk a lap real quick, but I don't think you need to worry about any serious side effects on a short flight.  Good luck! :)

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  • And I just cried at work listening to "No One is Alone" thanks ladies. 

    Did y'all do a FB announcement? 
  • @koennia1217 Just did my announcement today!

    I use Hypnobabies! http://www.hypnobabies-store.com/link.cgi?affiliateID=472

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  • @koennia1217 - we have one more set of friends we want to tell in person so we plan on doing a facebook post this weekend after we tell them!
  • How are you guys doing the fb announcement?

    I think Im going to wait until August and do football themed. DH is a Giants fan and Im a Redskin fan, Im thinking our dog Carlos gets a new skins jersey and our pup Coco gets a Giants jersey. Then we buy a redskin and a giant baby onesie and put on my belly and put something like "Tiebreaker coming Jan 18"
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  • @gusgus14  omg adorable!

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  • @gusgus14 so cute.

    I got DD a shirt on etsy. It has a picture of a camera and say "oh snap, I'm gonna be a big sister" gonna post that on FB with the caption A has a secret to tell. I have no idea when I'm gonna do it though. Maybe next month after the next US.
  • schazeschaze
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    @missblaze that's adorable! 

    We're announcing on social media on Friday after the u/s. I'll probably either get a pic of DD with the u/s photo or of her "reading" one of her new baby books, either Berenstain Bears or Little Critter.
  • @missblaze So cute!!

    @livingoffpbjs - I like your idea! I thought about doing something with our dogs but it's super difficult to get good pictures of both of them together. Side note: we're a big football family, too. I'm a Falcons fan and DH is a Patriots fan so I'm sure you can guess the vibe in our house earlier this year haha
  • @missblaze Wow! Thats crazy awesome!

    @gusgus14 I thought it was going to be terrible to get them to sit for a pic but we had taken them to a professional a few months back and they did much better than we thought. The photographer kept making weird noises so they would focus on him. Hopefully that will still work haha! I do like the dog announcements that say "Dog Duty starting XX/20XX" I think Kirk Cousins and his wife did something like that. (btw I genuinely like the name Brady, and brought it up to DH and he said no way because of Tom Brady hahahah)

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  • @gusgus14  Here it is! I was a little heartbroken when I heard Cousins' wife was pregnant..... I wanted to have his babies :'( 

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  • @livingoffpbjs aw cute! I have a huge football crush on Julian Edelman 
  • Congrats, @KatieEl! Such an exciting time!
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  • crizz13crizz13
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    I need to tell my partner at work before I put anything on social media, and I'm not sure when I'll see her next because it's summertime....we have a pic of DD in a "big sister" shirt that I'll probably post in the next couple of months. 

    @gusgus14 and @livingoffpbjs We're a big football family too! Hardcore Giants fans here...living in Patriots country. Eeeeek. 

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  • @whitta1218
    We have a 2 hour flight tomorrow too. I flew quite a few times when I was pregnant with DD. I agree with the other ladies: snacks (I get dizzy if I don't eat) and walk if necessary. Lots of water. 

    I'm not looking forward to entertaining DD tomorrow but at least DH is coming! 

    We aren't doing a Facebook announcement this time around. I was so excited with DD to share and could barely hold it in. I'm very excited for this babe too but it feels so private since it wasn't a part of our plan. Maybe my feelings will change, makes me feel guilty.

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  • @TInman87 that's so cute!!! Love it!

    @crizz13 I know the pain. I was a redskins fan living in California. Ugh those dirty 9ers fans. But honestly, I kinda miss being the minority lol 
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  • Everyone has such great and personal announcement ideas!!

    We haven't decided on what we want to do for social media. My husband doesn't really post on it he just uses FB for the messenger so it's up to me. I don't really care to announce any time soon or at all, but I'm feeling the pressure from my MIL who can't wait to post herself about being a grandma.

    We are following the same approach as when we got engaged, she will respect our wishes for her not to post until we post something, hense the pressure to come up with something we like!
  • @crizz13 Go GMEN!!!!!!!
  • I love all the announcement ideas! We're doing ours July 20, exactly 2 years after we did our DD announcement  ;)
  • @gusgus14 and @crizz13 - DH is a huge Giants fan, but I grew up as a Pats fan (and YES, Julian Edelman....mmmmm!) and we live in patriot country. DH hates it... :lol:

    DH is a firefighter, and I found on etsy some knit booties that look like his bunker gear and boots, so we got 2 pairs that we are going to take a picture of to post on facebook. thinking about doing it on 4th of july, which is just under 11 weeks, but we might wait until the full 12 weeks to post...
  • All of your ideas are adorable to the max!!!

    I'm thinking about letting the gender reveal also be our announcement... SO is from Minnesota and he loves hockey so when we visit in a couple weeks we're going to have people come over and use one of those hockey pucks with the powder inside that'll explode when he hits it. We're playing around with the idea of announcing before but eh who has the energy? Cmon second trimester magic. 

    Ps things I cried about recently- Harry Potter 20 year anniversary, and the ending of PLL. 
  • @missblaze oh. My. Gosh. So cute! 
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