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  • Random thought...I've heard that getting a ton of clothes at baby showers even when you don't register for them is a common occurrence. Do y'all think that happens more often with team pink showers than blue? I'm just curious.
  • @Breath_Easy92 I honestly just think it depends on your circle of people. I had a shower with my daughter and 7 years later one with both my son. Neither one really got clothes. Yes I know huge no no when it comes to etiquette but 2 completely different lives. Now that I think about it I have a pretty shitty family though. Haha
  • Maybe there is a thread for this, but who all are you planning to have in the room with you for the birth? Trying to finalize the details of the birth plan now...
  • @tfrangul thanks it was just a bedrest rambling thought lol but I do think 7 years is a long time between babies and I could totally see where you would need another shower... plus I know if I was having a girl I would be able to stop myself from all the pink princess things lol
  • @lexibelly I'm just planning on having my husband in the delivery room.
  • I think this may have been talked about before but now we are quickly approaching the end so I thought I would bring this back up. Ok so I was completely against all things tandem feeding for myself personally but it seems my son has a different idea...so my question is who has done tandem feeding and who plans to do so when these new babes come? I'm having some major anxiety about honestly. We tried weening and it was an absolute nightmare. It was so bad my husband was just like well babe, looks like you will be feeding two. My biggest concern is how my toddler will react once this baby comes. He will be just 20 months by then. 
  • @tfrangul good job nursing this whole time! I was EBF when we found out we were pregnant again and my supply died pretty quickly. Ours will be 15 months apart. No advice just wanted to say good luck! 
  • lilpootslilpoots
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    @tfrangul there are some great resources for tandem feeding on kellymom and LLL. I thought I would be doing tandem feeding, but my breasts made the choice for us and dried up 2nd tri. I have heard and read that tandem feeding is great for bringing in your milk supply and dealing with engorgement.

    @lexibelly I'm planning on my husband and doula being in the room. We are giving my mom the task of watching our toddler, because she is a worry wart and I think she's traumatised from my last experience. 

    @Breath_Easy92 depends on your guests, but in general people really like buying baby clothes, especially for little girls.
  • @lexibelly I know it's been discussed on here, but it's been a while. I feel like many if the ladies, myself included, are only allowing their husbands in the room. Your situation is a little different though. I think it's about your comfort. You're the one doing all the work and dealing with private parts on display. You should decide who you want around when that happens. I wouldn't be comfortable with anyone else in the room, so I told my mom and MIL no when they asked. If you would be uncomfortable with any specific person being in the room, that person shouldn't be there. 


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    @lexibelly Husband and Doula! 

    @Breath_Easy92 with my first shower I found most people didn't even look at my registry but thankfully a lot of stuff was things I had wanted and were on my registry. I have been gifted a fair share of clothes on top of getting an awesome amount of hand me downs and garage sale specials...at this point I would hope most people that decide to give me clothes focus on size 9mo and up...as I have a fair share of clothes for smaller than that. 

    Edit: Also I would note that one of the challenges in clothes is that my kiddo lives in a the cold north and won't be able to wear cute summery wear very long so people that decide to shop right now might have a hard time getting seasonal appropriate clothing for the months before next summer.
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    2/3 6 week US 2 sacs? Twins? but only 1 heartbeat/pole good heartbeat Stopped taking baby asprin Added in DHEA Veg Vitamin (also got the report that they transferred a girl 5aa eggo) 
    2/10 7 week US 2 sacs (likely vanishing twin) only 1 heartbeat/pole etc good heartbeat 137
    2/24 9 week US 1 eggo sac good heart beat 182 1 very small fluid sac (shrinking) 
    2/24 9 week 2 days start weening. Graduated from RE (CCRM is now starting weening as soon as 8.5 weeks)
    3/7 10 Weeks 5 days  weened completely of FET meds A1C 5.3% (Normal)
    3/9 11 Weeks 1 day my progesterone level was 15 and my estrogen level was 881 (I freaked out!)
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    4/14 16 week 2 days Ultrasound baby is looking good with all good numbers sized 17 weeks. Also got to hear her on the doppler for a few mins too. 

    5/5 19 Weeks 2 days going in for "20" week anatomy ultrasound got measurements but need to come back as wasn't able to get all the measurements
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    CisternaMagna 6.2 mm Nuchal Fold 4.5 mm
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    6/9 24 Weeks 2 days Glucose Test 1 hour (Failed) 190
    6/16 25 Weeks 2 days Ultrasound and 1st Baby Shower 
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    6/21 26 Weeks Recommended to a perintologist
    6/22 26 Weeks 1 day start monitoring blood sugar levels 
    6/30 27 Weeks 2 day A1 (blood sugar test ordered)

    7/5 28 Weeks Echo and 3d Ultrasound
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 2.6 Q2: 3.2 Q3: 4.8 Q4: 5.6 AFI Total = 16.3 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal 
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 7.2 cm 28 weeks 5 days* (60%) HC 26.4 cm 28 weeks 4 days* (48%) AC 23.3 cm 27 weeks 4 days* (36%) Femur 5.2 cm 28 weeks 0 days* (36%) Humerus 4.8 cm 28 weeks 0 days (49%)
    HC/AC 1.13 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.73 Ceph Index 0.77 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 1142 grams - 2 lbs 8 oz (37%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 28 weeks 1 day +/- 14 days.

    7/10 28 Weeks 5 days Dietitian Appt and Lactatcian Consultant and A1 blood draw 5.4% (normal) 218.5 pounds
    7/20 30 Weeks GD consult. 6 Lantus at 7pm daily. Novolog 1 unit for every 15 gm carbohydrate if consumed more than 30 gm at brkfst or 60 gm at lunch or supper 215.6 pounds
    7/20 30 Weeks Transferred care to OB due to high risk. 216 pounds

    8/2 32 Weeks Ultrasound (not cooperative and still breech) and then weekly NST's
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 8.0 cm 32 weeks 2 days* (44%) HC 29.2 cm 31 weeks 6 days* (22%) AC 26.9 cm 31 weeks 0 days* (24%)  Femur 6.3 cm 32 weeks 2 days* (57%) Humerus 5.7 cm 32 weeks 6 days (71%)
    HC/AC 1.08 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.78 Ceph Index 0.78 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 1808 grams - 3 lbs 15 oz (29%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 31 weeks 6 days +/- 18 days.
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 3.4 Q2: 2.9 Q3: 2.9 Q4: 4.4 AFI Total = 13.6 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal

    8/8 32w6d upped to 1:10 for dinner 
    8/11 Baby Shower
    8/13 Baby Shower
    8/16 34 weeks NST good reading Upped to 8 at bed for fasting and 1:7 for dinner 
    8/18 Dr Appt

    8/24 35 weeks 1 day (was suppose to be scheduled for 36 weeks) Weeks Ultrasound/GD Dr Appt/OB Appt 
    Frank Breech
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    HC/AC 1.05 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.78 Ceph Index 0.80 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 2494 grams - 5 lbs 8 oz (39%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 35 weeks 1 day +/- 21 days.
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 3.3 Q2: 3.8 Q3: 2.4 Q4: 3.8 AFI Total = 13.4 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal

    8/31 36 Weeks
    9/7 37 Weeks
    9/10 Water broke...I got it tested at the emergency room it it showed it was negative. More water breaking and didn't go to the dr.
    9/11 37 weeks 4 days Called the Dr and got retested for water breaking...
    10:30pmish Baby Girl Born via Emergency C Section (Frank Breech Baby) 6lbs 3oz  -
    9/13 Dropped to 5 pounds 10oz and had jaundice 
    9/13 38 weeks

    9/22 39 Weeks 2 days C Section Scheduled for 10am (arrive at 8am) Equinox/Solstice
    EDD 9/27
  • They just had a confirmed case of Zika in my area. Must wear all the bug spray. I will note that it was travel-related and the patient got it in Mexico, but why take chances?


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    DS1 born 9/18/17

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  • @bridge-and-wall is it harmful for baby throughout pregnancy?  For some reason I just assumed that if baby & brain were fully formed that it wouldn't be an issue.  
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    @Cats*in*space I know there were some studies showing that the birth defects were likely worst in early pregnancy (mostly 1st tri), but I don't think anyone knows 100% yet. 


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born 9/18/17

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  • @Cats*in*space I know there were some studies showing that the birth defects were likely worst in early pregnancy (mostly 1st tri), but I don't think anyone knows 100% yet. 
     I think the risk is lower in third tri, but definitely doesn't hurt to be safe!
  • @BecauseLove I've looked at my registry and 11 things are off it, considering the shower is next weekend I think that's decent. But yeah I agree I've gotten a ton of hand me downs and it not that I don't like clothes I just already have a full wardrobe up to 18 months haha. 
  • Just need to vent for a moment. Today is my husband and my first anniversary. We had originally planned to celebrate with a 4-day trip to Martha's Vineyard (island off the cost of Massachusetts). After I ended up being hospitalized earlier this week due to bleeding, we had to cancel the trip. Although disappointed, we knew that keeping the baby safe is the most important thing. So, we planned to do a staycation weekend with day trips here and there. Yesterday we went to a local museum and then out to dinner and today we had planned to do a day trip to the coast followed by dinner out. Well, walking around the museum caused me to continually have contractions and although I could make them stop by resting/drinking water, they were definitely happening more frequently than they should be. So, instead today I'll be on the couch resting all day, and we'll just go to dinner and skip the other plans. Again, I know that keeping the baby safe is what matters the most, but this is really not how I wanted to spend the day.  :(
  • I'm so sorry @Rhubarb7216, definitely frustrating  :'(
  • @Rhubarb7216 I'm sorry all your fun plans are getting put aside for your safety and wellbeing :( That sucks your body isn't letting you enjoy your first anniversary! 

    Happy 1st anniversary! 

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  • Thanks @Carebella and @Sugargirl1019. We ended up having a pretty nice day even if it wasn't what we had hoped to do. We were still able to do some sightseeing on the coast before dinner, just mostly by car. I've been feeling pretty emotional since the hospital stay and then the frequent contractions on Saturday, so I was having a hard time dealing with everything.
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