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  • I just came from my 35wk- she said not much to do about the ankles/ etc swelling except what I was already doing...since my blood pressure and everything checked out. So I am at work with my legs on my co-workers chair (she is out and I put a blnkt down-no shoes) lemon water in my swell bottle and compressions socks on! 
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  • @tova24
    I hate when doctors dismiss concerns like that. Mine have been pretty good this time but I've switched providers in the past because of it.

  • I had a regular checkup today.  It was with the doctor who tends to focus and comment on weight gain.  I was shocked she didn't say anything since she usually does.  She confirmed what I had suspected based on where I feel movement, which is that the baby is positioned head down, but diagonally across me.  My next appointment is a growth u/s.

    I also went to the diabetes monitoring place today for my first appointment.  It was definitely a better experience than when I was pregnant with DS2, but it does seem like they're quick to push insulin.  I have enough trouble pricking my finger 4x per day so I'm really hoping to avoid that.  I wish there was a better alternative to monitoring than this place, but maybe I'll have better interactions with the staff this time.
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