How to overcome the separation anxiety?

My son is going to kindergarten this fall, but i am very worried because he seems to be so depend on me. I know kindergarten is a hard beginning for every child. How did your kids overcome the separation anxiety?

Will a toy help? my son is obsessed with this walkie talkie recently, i guess he feels safer with this toy to connect with me. Most little girls have a cute doll accompanying all the time, will this comfort and encourage them in kindergarten? 

Would be appreciated if you could share your kid's story.

Re: How to overcome the separation anxiety?

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    I can't speak from experience as my son will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall as well.  He has been in school and will continue at the same school he has been at so possibly a little different situation than yours, but he will be going to a new school next year so I have been brainstorming ways to prepare him for that big change.  Some things I have thought of are taking him to the school playground often as a way to help familiarize him with the school.  Also, take him to the school open houses so he can walk around and get familiar with the inside and some of the staff.  You can book tours with the principal so I think we will do that, too.  Just any school event we can go to, we will try! Plus, maybe ask the school if there is a way to connect with other parents with kids starting K at the same time so the kids can meet up and get to know each other beforehand.  Also, if he is with you all the time, maybe try some day camps or other programs where he can adjust to being more confortable without you before starting to school.  This is hard on Mom, too, so hugs to you and good luck! He will do great though.  Kids adjust surprisingly quickly.  
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    My daughter started school this fall and had a really hard time in the beginning. Her teacher recommended sending a family picture of us that she would hang in a special spot in the classroom. Then whenever my daughter was sad, so could go there and look at the picture. It really helped her.
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    My son had to bring with him his lego mini figures and I explained to the teacher how badly he "needs" to keep it in his pocket. It's like a security blanket. The teacher was amazing but there is one rule - no playing/taking it out of the pocket during lesson time. Fortunately, my son kept his part of the bargain.
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    I have read this article from WebMD and it's helpful. Anyways, luckily, the kindergarten is walking distance from our home and the school allows the parent to stay during class hours. I can see my son from the window and he often looks at my direction. For few days the situation is like this until he eventually enjoys the activities in the school and forgets my presence there. The next day, I just bring him to school and left right after the session starts. He didn't have a tantrum and return home happily.
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