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VBAC Check in 6/24

Tell us how you're doing this week and anything you want to share about your upcoming vbac. Questions, concerns, accomplishments, etc.

Re: VBAC Check in 6/24

  • Met the one OB in my office who was new to me this pregnancy. I had heard glowing reviews of him and he was in fact great. Very pro vbac! Just positive in general and didn't treat pregnancy like a disease or a condition to manage. My doula had a successful vbac client with him on call recently. Was surprised that my office considers 26 weeks and 6 days to be 3rd trimester.
  • Glad to hear @lilpoots that your provider is supportive. 

    Still struggling with changing mine d/t insurance (and time to get into offices, etc), but I'm super confident in my choice, my DH is supportive (and will probably challenge anyone whom gets pushy with me), and I have looked into a local MW and doula practice for support just *in case* I don't find the right provider in time.  My provider is allowing a VBAC/TOLAC... but is seems so reluctant... every visit I feel like she is looking for a reason to deny me.  Very sad, the attitude towards birth nowadays.  I had NO FEAR with my first birth going in... until they made a few bad medical calls and the "cascade" as they call it led to a semi-emergent c/s... and I have NO FEAR again this time (at least not regarding my body, my ability, the baby, etc)... only fear that they will make mistakes and bad calls again.  But this time I'm prepared, I know the language, and I know my rights. 

    Me: 31 & DH: 36
    Married 2009
    DS: 6 y/o
    TTC #2 for (way too long)
    BFP: 12/30/2016 !!!

  • @PKFMommie I admire how educated and strong you are about your birth. I hope that everything works out for you in changing providers soon and that your new provider is 100% on board. 
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