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Newborn Photography

I searched our board for this topic but didn't see anything on it yet. If I missed it feel free to point me in that direction!

Has anyone used a newborn photographer with any of their previous babies, or is using one for their first now? I didn't realize I was late to that party until I started calling around and have now had three different photographers tell me they are already full for September and aren't accepting anymore babies. I guess people book this more than 3 months in advance. I'm also wondering if it is even something we want to shell out for. I've been doing some research into photographers in my city, luckily there are many to choose from, and I am a bit overwhelmed at how much it costs! I didn't realize it was so expensive either, if we end up doing it, it will cost at least 400-500 for someone decent and that was the cheapest I could find. 

What do you all think, worth it or not? Some of the newborn photos I've seen are so cute, and I would hate not to do it and then regret not having any of her later on.
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Re: Newborn Photography

  • I used a photographer for my 1st and I'm using the same gal for this baby. I live outside of D.C. and it's super expensive here! I looked up names of photographers that I have seen people use and just google. All of them were like $1,000 by the end after photographer and pictures which is outrageous. Once I found my girl, she is $450 with session and I receive like 20 photos back and I can do whatever I want with them such as printing, shutterfly, etc. I loved my photos with my 1st and for the price, considering wasn't too bad.

    I had to do my research in seeing what I was paying included since a bunch of photographers I had to pay for the session then could only pick a few photos which cost a couple of hundred and not have the rights to them. One I saw was charging $500 for session then $500 for digital copies. 

    I would just just decide if you want them or see what it costs in your area. The cost may help make your decision if you want to splurge a little or not. 
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  • I used a professional for my son, and it's definitely expensive, but I treasure those newborn pictures. I'm using the same photographer this time. Professional photos are my splurge thing though. Some people buy clothes or decorate their houses, I rarely buy myself new clothes, and getting professional photos once or twice a year of my children are what I use that money for.

    Definitely make sure that whoever you go with that you get full printing rights. Some photographers seem cheap at first, but then you find out you have to pay for prints or get books made through them.

    I'm doing $250 hospital photos (comes with a free 30 minute maternity session at 32 weeks), and $650 studio photos 2 weeks after the birth. The studio photographer is the one I used last time and I love her. The hospital photographer is new for me. Last time when DS was born, the hospital had a photographer that worked there who went around and posed the baby for pictures in your room, then they went over prices with you afterwards and it was like $200 for not so great photos. My mom and MIL bought them though. It was weird because they just surprised you in the room, and gave you no prep time, I looked terrible. This time I decided to hire my own hospital photographer ahead of time for roughly the same price.

    Make sure you consider whether or not natural light is important to you. I love my hired hospital photographer's use of natural light in her sessions she's posted online. 
  • We booked a photographer and did newborn photography with our older daughter. I love her pictures. Calla will be about three months when she does her newborn photos but I will treasure them. 

  • We're doing a newborn photo session and it's only about $200. But, the advantage in living in a small town that has a school for photography...lots of photographers means cheaper prices. It's a woman whose page I've been following for ages and I love all her newborn photo shoots so I'm excited.
  • DH is very artistic and plans to do his own newborn photo shoot at the firehouse after our LO gets here. Around here the average cost to hire a newborn photographer is ridiculous, close to $1000 not including the rights to all pictures taken. You only get a CD with a set number of pictures you pick out.

    You may also check with your birth center or hospital. When we toured ours, the tour guide said the hospital staffs a newborn photographer. So that service would be available to all mothers in their L&D ward if your wanted to utilize her services. The nice thing about the hospital photographer was that she would come to your room to do the photo shoot and would bring her gear with her so mom could be resting in bed if she wanted while they did the photo shoot. Also since the photographer was full time staffed at the hospital, you didn't have to worry about her being booked up in advance. 
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    We use a newborn photographer and it's so worth it. Those pictures of my DS are so precious and I love looking at them. We did a newborn, 6 month and 1 year package. It runs about $530 for each session and it includes all photos. It's also great just to have professional family photos to frame around the house! 

    ETA: this is a great price for my area. Most photographers do not include the rights to all your photos. We'll have about 100-150 photos to choose from. 
  • Newborn photographers are very pricey. I went with "cheaper choices" with my first two and was not thrilled with them. Prices near me range from $200-$700. In the end, I am still glad that I have them, because those first pictures are irreplaceable. I am going with a more specialized, slightly more expensive photographer this time ( that I have used for other photo sessions of my kids). I have high hopes of finally getting one of those beautiful, sleepy newborn shots :)


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  • I wish I could do it,  but I just can't justify the money. I think we might plan something when she's a bit older, so we can capture her personality.  We'll probably just take our own photos before than though.  
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