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  • We have a small ice cream shop that has a delicious butterscotch ice cream.
    For store bought, I'd have to say Ben and Jerrys cookie dough. DH loves Halo's peanut butter cup as a healthier ice cream because it has protein and still tastes like ice cream.
    I'm also a sucker for sorbets. 
  • @mrsashworth522 Mmm, butterscotch ice cream!? I don't think I've ever had butterscotch without adding the syrup. 

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  • @bumpybump It was a vanilla ice cream with some butterscotch syrup and chips added. The only time you really tasted the vanilla was if you didn't get syrup or anything in that bite. Last time I went they had added pretzels too...which was unfortunate because when they turn it into a shake the pretzel bits go squishy 
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    Different moods call for different ice cream (I'm an ice cream officianado apparently in my own mind)

    dont want ant to get out of the car?
    Sonics cookie dough blast, or DQ hot fudge sundae, or chick fil a's cookies and cream milkshake 

    buy it at the grocery store?
    bryers mint chocolate chip

    frozen yogurt? Coffee with hot caramel sauce and pb cups

    ice cream shop- ALL

  • I like different store bought brands: Breyer's Vanilla Blue Bell and Talenti are my faves.

    I love local shops especially in the fall when they gave pumpkin!!!  
  • Man now you guys are making me crave fritzs. It's an ice cream stand near me that has a few locations. It's actually frozen custard, which I know is terrible for you but it's sooooo good. I love their tiramisu sundae or turtle sundae. Some times I'll get their Cookie Monster concrete that has chocolate chip cookie dough and Oreo pieces in it. 
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    Kawartha Ice Cream - Moose Tracks flavour - such a Canadian answer I know, but it really is the BEST!
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  • We have a creamery just a mile down the street from my house and it is killing me. I swing by and get a milkshake way more often than I should since I drive past it 2 times a week coming from my doctor's office and I'm weak. 

    I also am totally obsessed with the Talenti Southern Butter Pecan Gelato (it was on sale at my Safeway last week!)
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  • any brand that has Butter Pecan or pecan Praline. I could go to town with that!!
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