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TWW Friday 6/23


Re: TWW Friday 6/23

  • Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD/DPO: 21/8

    Timing: -4

    Testing: my BSC is taking over... probably Monday morning... terrible timing is going to lead to BFN but... but... I'm a SS (eye roll)

    R/R: I took DS to the aquarium today. We had a lot of fun! He didn't take a nap but I'm hoping he can hold it together until bed. 

    CS/Q: I've seen that a lot of you take a vitamin b supplement. What does it do for TTC? I'm wondering if I should add it to my vitamins.

    GTKY: Tell me about something you didn't understand when you were a kid that seems simple now. 

    @kbamomma33, I'm sorry about your BFN. The TTW sucks!

    @augusta108, it sounds like you're ready for your trip! I look forward to hearing about it!

    @nitnat007, escalators freaked me out as a kid too! I was afraid it was going get my leg!

    @looeeze, it stormed badly here too. It's rained SO much this summer! I'm sorry your dog has a hard time. Mine do too. I went to the door to let them out during one of the lighter periods of rain. They looked at me like "WTF?! We're not going out in that!" And lol to being a pony! What a disappointing day it must have been when you found out the truth!

    @catlady1215, rainy weekends stink but I find them relaxing. Maybe use it as a lazy weekend?


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  • @purplg8r - Sorry about your BFN, but it is still really early. And I feel you on the superstition. I have been putting away DSS's clothes instead of getting rid of them, but my MIL has literally asked us " Should I get rid of the stuff DSS outgrows or should I expect more grankids?"
    @vflux33 - The waiting is so painful because isn't 64 days long enough??? Ugh. And stop temping lady; you're making yourself crazy!
    @mispanda, @kbamomma33 - Sorry for the BFN. *hugs*
    @JBCakes08 - I'm glad to hear that your puppy doesn't need surgery!
    Me: 29 | DH: 29
    Married 12/2016
    DSS born 01/2016
    TTC since 01/2017
    Letrozole + TI = BFP 01/30/2018 | EDD 10/11/2018
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  • @vflux33 I love Tool! I'm jealous you guys get to go see them!
    Me: 33 DH: 32
    Started Dating: 2003 Married: 2013
    Started TTC August 2016
    BFP: 2/1/17 MC: 2/8/17
    BFP: 3/8/17 MMC: 5/1/17
    BFP: 7/23/17 EDD: 4/5/18
    BFP: 2/27/20

  • @hedgepig I guess we saw them twice in the same tour once in SF in January 2016 I think and tonight in Sacramento. It was great but the one in SF was better. I have some funny anecdotes for tomorrow's randoms thread from tonight...
  • @mamasaurus12415 he is beautiful! I have a big slobbery chocolate lab myself. I know exactly how you feel!! ❤️
  • @nitnat007 Labs are awesome! I grew up with a black lab. He'll always have a special place in my heart.
    Me: 24 DH: 28
    DD 6/9/15
    TTC #2 with PCOS since 10/16

    July 2017 Siggy Challenge- Animals Eating Summer Foods

  • @mamasaurus12415 they are very special. They all are!  Always can put a smile on your face  even on those tough days  hope you're having a great Saturday!!
  • @nitnat007 I hope you are too! Your chocolate lab is so cute!
    Me: 24 DH: 28
    DD 6/9/15
    TTC #2 with PCOS since 10/16

    July 2017 Siggy Challenge- Animals Eating Summer Foods

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