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FFFC 6/23

It's Friday again. Time to air out this weeks confessions.
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Re: FFFC 6/23

  • This goes with the GTKY Ice Cream I guess...I do not like chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake. I like vanilla with chocolate icing or swirls, but I can not do straight chocolate.
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  • I'm easing into working from home by staying home twice a week now. Will probably WFH full time at some point up until the baby's born, but generally I don't work from home much anyway- even though I have a workplace and a boss that fully support WFH for any reason- because I get antsy being home too much. 

    So that being said, I'm spending more time watching Lifetime movies today than working. 

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  • Today's weather is so good better than past week it is 75 degrees. I think I am going to go to the arts festival downtown to get my walk on for the day, unless my head hits the pillow than I will nap. I feel worn out from the TDap shot I had at doctor appt today.
  • I rescheduled my 3hr GTT for next Friday because I ate so poorly yesterday (and only had 2 hrs sleep, thanks insomnia). I had 2 krispy kreme donuts, coffee with cream & sugar, a bowl of cereal, footlong subway sandwich with potato chips, a snickers, gatorade... I had bean soup for dinner, but it had potatoes in it too. I think I'll try to eat better between now & then. :#
  • I had 2 interviews this week at 32 weeks pregnant and only one of the places knew I was expecting. And that's only because it's my OB's office...
  • Totally not even caring about work dress code anymore. Wearing jeans and flip flops everyday which generally aren't allowed.
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