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What's your LO's personality like at this age?

I'm so curious about the variation in personalities among kids so young, and most of my friends have kids either much older than my LO, or just newborn babies, so I don't have a lot to compare to.  What are your little ones like?  What are their interests?  Dominant personality traits?  Favorite things?

Re: What's your LO's personality like at this age?

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    Here's my Rose, in a nutshell, at 16 months:

    Rose is an absolute high energy wild child.  She is on 11 all day long, except for first thing in the morning when she's sleepy and wants extra long hugs.  She's also a jokester, who (as I posted in the sippy cup thread) likes to throw things like her sippy, her shoes, her food, whatever, for a reaction.  She also is obsessed with saying uh oh and shrugging elaborately after doing something on purpose, like she's a kid on a sitcom or something.  She's book obsessed and loves music (she has a little tambourine, piano and jingle bells and she loves to play along when her dad plays guitar.)  She will socialize and play with other kids, but she seems to prefer adults (because she loves attention.)  

    Rose loves "helping" put groceries and laundry away. She's a complete ham who loves to make fart noises and yell hi at people across the street, and also a rough and tumble baby - obsessed with climbing, jumping, throwing, and getting into the garbage and dog/cat water if she can run there before we get her.  She's very happy, opinionated and silly.  Her favorite things in the world are water, bananas, blueberries and bites of her dad's breakfast sandwiches.  She loves her routine and gets very upset if it's changed for any reason (Dad HAS to take her to school, Mom HAS to put her to bed, if she leaves with dad in the morning while mom's in the apartment that's fine, but if we all leave together and I get in a separate car it's meltdown city.)  Oh, and she is completely in love with our dog and terrorizes the cats.  Love her to bits.  :)
  • Keaton is kind of a little shit. He's a very busy kid and likes to be naughty, he thinks it's so funny to do things he knows he shouldn't. He has a circle of friends as my dad says who is about 6 people who he's 100% himself around and he's so shy and serious to everyone else. He knows who will baby him and who makes him behave and he plays in to it. He really likes to copy us, and play pretend. He loves balls, he's a little sports kid, he amazes me how good he is with a basketball! He love cars little ones and he's on a riding one a good chunk of the day. He loves his dogs, he calls them over and climbs all over them. He is learning new words everyday, it's crazy, he's a chatter box and although 50% is jibberish he's getting better. He calls me and my husband Koda and Josh and he thinks it's so funny! He loves to help cook, poring and stirring. He likes to help clean, wiping things with wet wipes and throwing things away. He's been off a bottle and sippy since he turned one but He's just learning to go to bed all by himself cause I'm an enabler like that. He's over all a fun happy guy who things he's the coolest funniest guy around. 
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    Zack is incredibly stubborn, but he knows how to charm everyone with his smile.  He's super focused on everything he does and loves to imitate us and "help".  He loves cars and dogs and his mama.  He'll only go to DH if I'm not an option.
  • Gina is a silly, tough, and sweet girl.  She loves "scaring" me and she's always testing me. She loves to sing and dance. She does hand motions as she talks and she has a lot to say! She hates to hear no and there's no compromising, she wants what she wants when she wants it. She loves feeding our fish and setting the table for dinner. And the best part of her day is when she hears her daddy coming home from work and she yells "dada!" 
  • Claire is also a little shit. She soooo high energy all day long. She does stuff she knows she shouldn't and definitely pushed the envelope. When we tell her not to step on the tiles in the kitchen (were renovating) she stands in the doorway, stares at us and slowly drags her foot to the tile. But she extremely happy and for the most part a very good girl. She definitely likes to get reactions from people. She loves exploring. Being outside is her favourite thing ever and going anywhere there are crowds of people (so the opposite of my husband and I). For a 17 month old shes quite hilarious and gets very silly when its almost nap/bedtime. 
  • I love all of these descriptions!
    I feel like I've truly got a mini-me with Evelyn. She is very observant and internalizes everything. She loves being out with people and kids, but she is crazy shy until she feels comfortable (which takes forever.)
    Evelyn absolutely loves to dance. It doesn't matter what we're doing, if a beat comes on, she's jamming. 
    I love watching her little mind work and figure things out. And I can't wait to see her keep developing!
  • Zackery knows no strangers. (which can be kind of scary at times) He insists on waving and yelling Hey! to every single person/car we pass while we are out and about. He talks up a storm and can sing some parts of the abc song but not in order, he also randomly knows the numbers 2 and 6...He is very curious and loves to "Help" with whatever we are doing at the time. He now has an obsession with hot wheels cars thanks to his older cousins! He also loves to yell and will have contests with you if you participate. My favorite thing however is when he holds his phone toy on top of his head to have conversations...you'll randomly hear "umm....I know" "Okay" :smiley:
  • Ah, these descriptions are so great!  It's fun to "get to know" everyone's LO's in a way.  :)  It'll be so cool to see how they grow and change over the coming months/years.
  • Brynlee is hell on wheels. She is always on the go and has a very serious case of "fear of missing out." She never sleeps (we're on our second medication to try and get her some rest). Brynn is extremely mischievous; she loves to climb and jump in the face of danger. Her smile is a show stopper, but if she doesn't know you, or disapproves, you'll know (she has an impressive RBF). She has a vocabulary that is out if this world. She speaks in full freaking sentences! This kid is going to be a teenager one day, and that's terrifying... Smart doesn't begin to cover it. She knows people, body parts, animals and their sounds, colors, food, clothes, and about a zillion other things. Brynlee is witty and silly, with a side of crazy. She does things intentionally to get us laughing. Brynn's also a lover. She runs around telling her toys, our dogs, and anyone around that she loves them and offers hugs and kisses. She's absolutely going to be the kid that we are counting down the minutes until bedtime... then we're up late, talking and laughing about all of her antics. She's something else! 
  • Graham is wide open and so much fun. He's a mamas boy but loves his daddy too. He's obsessed with all animals and anything with wheels. He loves to be outside and would probably live outside if I'd let him! He loves to go for walks in his little blue car and go to the neighborhood pond to see the turtles. He's got a strong personality and does not like being told no! He talks all day long and has a pretty impressive vocabulary but refuses to say mama! Although he's super busy and rarely stops, he loves to snuggle up at the end of the day and read books/watch TV. This is such a fun age and I love all the changes I see in him everyday. 
  • I've been thinking about this post for a few days... but how do you sum up the essence of a little person in a paragraph or two?? I'll try though :) 

    I think the best adjectives for Davey are curious, sweet, and silly. He is bound to figure out how everything works and has a lot of patience for the process. He is dying to turn on a standing lamp in the living room, for example, so he tips it against the couch from the back, runs around to the front and works on the switch/knob. Repeat for zippers, latches, clasps of any kind. I love his tenacity and that he doesn't get frustrated when he can't get it yet. He just keeps trying. 

    He's such a sweetie pie. He initiates kisses and "rubs noses like the Eskimoses." He shares even his favorite toys and foods with his friends, for whom he has special names and whom he talks about regularly. (We'll see if this continues with his little brother!) He doesn't snuggle a lot during the day but come reading time he will plop himself down on your lap and settle in. He chimes in with the words he knows and makes sure you are reading him his favorite book of the moment. 

    And like all of our kiddos, I'm sure, he is so silly! He loves to spin in circles ("dancing"), to pretend he's sleeping after a nap so I'll rub his back, to twist himself up in the curtains and to "hide" with his face in the bushes. "Burp" is his favorite punch line and he comes out with it at the funniest times. We also regularly engage in a debate about whether there is pee pee or poo poo in his diaper, which he thinks is hilarious (and therefore so do I). His silliness extends a little too far with the dog sometimes-- strangely, she doesn't have much of a sense of humor for being squished and poked-- and also at meals, shaking milk out of his cup or tossing things onto the floor. And of course he loves to give us heart attacks by standing on the furniture. 

    All in all he is a little charmer and I can't imagine life without him! I don't know how we got such a special little boy but I'm thankful for him every day. 
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