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What My Pregnant Self is Eating 6/22

Haven't posted one of these in a while.. what are we all eating (or not eating) in 3rd tri?

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Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating 6/22

  • Chocolate covered raisins were my thing yesterday.
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  • I wish I were eating this. I'm at a meeting right now and they put your dessert out before dinner is served. So tempting... 

    My go to right now is multigrain Os cereal from Trader Joe's with almond milk. Not quite as exciting as whatever the heck that dessert is... 

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  • AbbeyHAbbeyH member
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    I had ice cream every day this week. Go me!

    i also ate an entire sleeve of biscoff cookies in my car through the course of the week. 
  • Hubby got me a Hazelnut Snickers today. OMG.  :o
  • Banana flavored Swiss cake rolls 
  • tova24tova24 member
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    @BlackNYellow I want that cheesecake!!!!!

    i started the week off by eating healthy and walking on the treadmill, and now I'm eating Chinese takeout and drinking a big chocolate milkshake!
  • Everything. All the food. On our trip to Vegas I gained 6 lbs. I'm not even sad about it.
  • Im having a croissant thus am. Buttery, flaky bad for me delicious! Other than that, still slushy lemonade..mmmm
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  • Had to get fast food French fries yesterday and I'm not one to eat fast food.
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  • Am I weird for not really having cravings? I list ice cream and chocolate or donuts usually but that's my normal life anyway. Earlier in pregnancy I craved things like sushi one day, Thai the next, burgers the next.  Maybe it's because I can't keep down much food at a time anyway without having bile rise in my throat. I'm eating all my usual food (yogurt, granola, cereal, sandwiches) because I'm hungry, yes. But specific cravings, nope. Every day at dinner time I tell DH that we'll eat whatever he wants to eat because I just don't care. 

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  • French toast bites Walmart cheap brand... their so good...
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  • @DeansGirl14 My 'cravings' have pretty much been my normal food loves. Expect when I was not feeling good at the beginning. My DH has just said I am more decisive about what I do or do not want, but my food choices have not actually changed.
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  • @DeansGirl14 I had more specific "cravings" earlier in my 2nd tri where I would need a specific food for that night. Now? It's hard enough to eat enough food and stick to my GD diet guidelines that I've basically abandoned all thoughts of cravings for my own sanity (RIP McDonalds Coke). By dinner time it's such a pain in the ass to come up with something to eat because I really just don't even care. 

    I still have a strong love of beef though, that's been a solid throughout this pregnancy.

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  • Cottage cheese + fresh pineapple is giving me life right now! 
  • DH bought me a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  Really contemplating skipping dinner and just diving in to the ice cream now...

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  • @SpotConlon Your pie is gorgeous! Solid ice cream choice, too. 

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  • OTmom3OTmom3 member
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  • Spinach dip w/ freshly sliced baguette 
  • I am craving drinks so much this pregnancy. I love the pink ombré and cool lime refresher from Starbucks, watermelon mint loemonade from Chick fil a and any slushee from Sonic. 
  • OTmom3OTmom3 member
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    @morgy_bee, I was obsessed with Sonic slushees with nerds in them during my last pregnancy. Remember when that was all the rage in our June group, @bumpybump
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  • Yes, @OTmom3. Nerds Slushees, Smore's Fraps, and probably more drinks (definitely foods too). I'm surprised nothing has caught on in here yet.

    Our church gets all the leftover breads/pastries/bagels from Panera and then we make sandwiches for the homeless and distribute them. The guy who heads it all was gone today so we got to take home the stuff instead. Oh how happy my pregnant self was with cinnamon rolls, pastries, streusel muffins, cookies, and bagels.

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  • @bumpybump DH's coworker has a similar situation. He brought me two cheese danishes which have been a consistent craving this whole pregnancy. I was giddy! 
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