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HDBD 6/21

Seems like we're all drifting a bit, but here a picture thread ;)

I asked Brynlee what she was doing... her response? "I just chillin' mama."
Where does she learn this stuff?!

Just out for a little giraffe ride before her bath...

She's not always so sweet... lol. This picture gets me laughing every time. 

I cannot get over how big she looks with all her hair up in a pony tail! What happened to my little baby?!

Sorry for pic overload, I just can't pick one anymore. 

Re: HDBD 6/21

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  • Birdie has developed a serious "cheese face." She sees the camera, and she makes that scrunched up expression! The last picture is her reaction to me not letting her jump off the moving train at the park.
  • Getting any good pictures lately has been almost impossible. Evelyn is never still enough for me to get one. But my poor baby came down with hand, foot, and mouth disease this week, so she's been a little more complacent. I got this when we were in our backyard swinging. She was so content (but not smiling!)


  • Went on a ride on the side by side and the wind was getting his eyes so I made him wear him toy goggles that came with a tool set, he wasn't pleased
  • @krrpe99 Ella had that last week... miserable!! 
    Apparently playing is hard..lol.. 
    She makes the craziest faces!!
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