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RNP to crib tips please!

this is my second child. He has GERD and is still sleeping in his rock and play because of it. It now is fairly controlled and I want to transition him to his crib. I've tried multiple times. He just cries. I go to calm him but the second I leave he continues to cry. I've tried letting him go a little but crying it out isn't for me. Has anyone successfully made the transition? Any tips? What worked? 

Re: RNP to crib tips please!

  • A few people in my bmb had success with taking a rolled up towel and making a U shape under the sheet to make the crib a little more nest like.
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    Mine had a minor reflux issue too. He still prefers the pnp. I too tried the crib, but he did not even last 5 minutes. I then tried the bassinet, which he liked. I think it's because he is still more enclosed than the crib. He will only go about 4-5 hours in it at night then I transfer him to the pnp. I decided to try the crib again once he turns 4 months or starts  rolling over, whichever comes first. That being said, if your little one is still not rolling over, keep him in the pnp for a few more weeks. Sleep for both of you is very important!! 
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