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Sippy cup issue

Hey guys!  Hope everyone's well!  Just curious if anyone else has had this issue or something similar.  For some reason, lately when I give Rose a sippy cup she will take one drink and then throw it to the ground.  She finds it HILARIOUS.  She literally spikes it like a football and will keep doing it over and over again, even if she wants milk or water.  She will never do this with a bottle, which is frustrating, because we figured we were basically done with bottles (other than at nighttime) until she started doing this constantly throwing sippies to the ground thing.  Any thoughts?  Just a phase and keep going with them?  I kind of tried to do a mini time out in her crib each time she threw the sippy, but I think she's too young to connect the dots.  Just a bit frustrated and hoping for some suggestions!  She throws them so hard sometimes the lid pops of and milk gets everywhere.  Sigh.  Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice!  :)

Re: Sippy cup issue

  • I think for a time out to work here, it has to be done quickly. As soon as she throws the cup, pick her up and put her in the crib (or play yard.) Once everything is cleaned up, she can come out.
    Otherwise, I'm not sure what to do. To an outsider, it sounds hilarious. I bet she has a big ol' grin on her face. 
  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
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    Thanks, @krrpe99 !  I have been doing the time out immediately, but I think I probably just have to do it a lot, since she's so young and repetition may be the only way she really gets it.  Hopefully this is a short phase and she'll find something new to entertain herself with!  I just don't want her to revert to bottles or not get enough milk because it's so much more fun to throw it on the ground.  (To be fair, it is completely hilarious and she is especially proud/giggly if she can make the sippy explode by hitting it on the ground so hard the lid pops off.)

    I think this probably just boils down to: toddlers gonna toddler.  
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  • If she's seated at the table, car seat, or stroller, I'd just tether the cup so it can't hit the ground. Maybe tell her she has to sit down on the floor to drink outside of meals just to shorten the distance to the floor? We only use straw cups with screw-on lids, so we do get the occasional tossed cup, but not the mess. I'll pick up something twice if it's deliberately tossed, and when I give it back, I warn that it's the last time. If they throw it again, they don't get it back. 
    It's funny to your LO, so it's probably not going to stop right away. I'd maybe switch to cups with screw on lids, though.
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    My son does this! He will spike his cups on the ground so hard he could make any sippy cup leak I swear. It's especially frustrating because we like to use the 360 degree cups by munchkin which splash everywhere when they hit the ground. I will say we have had a lot more success getting him to stop by ignoring it than we ever did when we were constantly correcting him. He was also just doing it because he thought it was hilarious and wanted a reaction. Whenever he would/does throw his cup which is way less frequent now thankfully we just simply say "cups are for drinking please don't throw your cup would you like a drink?" And then offer him a drink or something along those lines. I have no idea if our approach worked or if he just lost interest and moved on to another phase lol as far as being concerned about him getting enough to drink I didn't worry about it and just kept a drink accessible to him if he wanted it. He now is back to drinking out of it normally and a lot less throwing so I'm thinking the phase has just passed. Good luck! It was seriously making me crazy for a while haha 
  • We have this issue too. Our approach has been not to react at all, and then after a minute or two has passed to pick the cup up and put it back in the fridge. I offer it again later (maybe after 10 or 15 minutes) so that he doesn't miss out on the milk/water, but wait long enough that he realizes that when he throws things he loses them. It does seem to be happening less, so that's good... 

    What about food? He loves to feed the dog from the table so we learned quickly to put her out during meals. We also take the above approach to taking so food away when he chucks it... but he normally doesn't do it until he's finished eating anyway (that's more or less how we know he's done) so having his plate taken away at that point doesn't phase him all. But basically once per meal he's tossing food onto the ground very deliberately. Do I just need to wait for this to pass or do you have any suggestions for an appropriate response? 
  • Thanks @kaym6 and @mamadcb !  I didn't think about ignoring it, but that is such a good idea.  I'll give it a try.  

    And @mamadcb - Rose loves to feed the dog her food too, but I have no solutions other than putting the dog away like you do.  It seems to cut down on the food throwing by 90% but sometimes she likes to leave him a little something for when he comes back, haha.  I'm hoping it passes, but it's been months, so who knows? 
  • @mamadcb Keat is horrible at feeding the dogs. If it's something he doesn't like or if he's all done it gets thrown at the dogs. It helps a little to out the dogs away while he eats and then let them out to clean up the mess.
  • So my LO has gotten better at sippy cup, she only drinks from it. But she doesnt get the needed 16-20oz a day. Does anyone know if they need this amount for calcium reasons or fat reason? She eats lots of cheese. She isnt a big yogurt fan.  Does anyone else have recommendations on how to get her up to that amount. She is fine drinking out of the cup but she doesn't suck it back like she would her bottle so she isn't drinking as much. 
  • Our Dr told us not to worry about the milk as long as DD is getting plenty of yogurt and cheese.  I think our Dr made it seem as if it was a calcium issue vs fat.
  • Brynlee STILL won't drink milk from anything but a bottle. She will drink juice and water from a sippy, but not milk. I tried a day of only offering her a sippy cup, she literally screamed for a solid 3 hours, begging for baba. I told her that only babies drink babas, and she's a big girl... She told me no, she's a baby. 

    After 3 hours, the stinker went to the dishwasher and got her own bottle. Even put the nipple in the ring, twisted it on the bootie and everything. She was victorious this time...
  • @BarrettJ89 That is so so cute!

    We still use a bottle for milk but LO is showing less and less interest in milk in general. Drinking from a bottle vs sippy cup is the least if my worries for now, so I'm not stressing over it. 

    Our Dr said that milk at this point isn't as important as it used to be, and anywhere from 5-15 ounces a day is fine. So I'm not worried that LO is getting less interested in milk .... Yogurt and cheese are her favorite foods though, so she is getting the dairy that way. 

    I'm curious about the calcium vs fat too, but I feel like it's probably for the calcium? Because Dr is worried about LO getting more fat in her and she's pushing for other high fat but nutritional foods. 
  • @BarrettJ89 @fishee333
    We still use a bottle for milk occasionally. I've said it before, if you can still be nursing your 3-year-old, then I'm not going to feel bad about my 19 month old using a bottle occasionally. She is exclusively in cups for water, but honestly, I'm not in a big hurry to have to clean dried milk out of sippy cup straws. I did buy some take and toss cups with lids and straws that she can have milk from, and I request milk at school for lunch, and that will go in a sippy, but she has an occasional bottle on the way to daycare if she wants it, and then will have one at night before bedtime. I used to babysit a kid that was still using a bottle for bedtime at 4, so I'll not worry so much right now. Bedtime is such a drain right now that I'm using every tool I can. 
    Birdie does eat a ton of cheese and yogurt. I don't plan on restricting any of that as long as she continues to stay regular digestive-wise.

  • @stephanienjer This makes me feel so much better about still giving Rose a bottle of milk when she goes to bed.  We're working on it, but she is such a creature of habit and has such a meltdown with changes, I do not have the energy to deal with it right now.

    Speaking of issues I don't have the energy to deal with right now - the new fun thing Rose is doing is dumping whole glasses of water or milk on the floor for laughs.  She's been great with drinking out of normal adult cups for months, but now she can't be trusted.  She's also doing this with food now.  Sigh.  Hoping this is a short phase.
  • @maureenmce I feel ya... Brynlee likes to chew her food, then open her mouth and just let it all fall out. So disgusting. 

    As for the bottle issue, Brynlee wants milk all day, every day. So I feel like it's nonstop bottles! She's so stubborn. 
  • @BarrettJ89 That is disgusting, but I admit I giggled when I read it.  Sometimes I'm a terrible parent and have such a hard time not laughing when I should be disciplining.  
  • @KFrob Same!  My husband is constantly telling Rose that her antics aren't funny and I'm just like over here hiding my giggles.  Especially lately when she's gotten into these VERY exaggerated and sarcastic "OH NO!"s after dumping things on the floor.  It's legitimately funny.
  • I have a super hard time hiding my giggles too. I have been trying to teach LO that it's not an "uh oh" when she does something on purpose. She's just too cute though. I'm sure it'll get less cute with time and maybe I'll stop laughing and she'll take me seriously :)
  • I laugh way more than I should. Brynlee is a wild child... I should be telling her not to swan-dive off the couch, but really, when she stands up, completely unharmed, giggling, and says "momma, I jumped!" I crack up. Every single time. 
  • fishee333 said:
    I have a super hard time hiding my giggles too. I have been trying to teach LO that it's not an "uh oh" when she does something on purpose. She's just too cute though. I'm sure it'll get less cute with time and maybe I'll stop laughing and she'll take me seriously :)
    We're also trying to teach the difference between uh oh and on purpose.  It's not going well.  At least he's stopped saying uh oh before he throws his cup on the floor.  That's something, right?
  • Really sad to say we've been in the food throwing cup throwing and now drink spitting phase for about 5 months now. I think I've officially lost my mind and don't even notice it anymore haha 
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