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I know this may take a little time for people to pull something out, but my sister posted this on FB yesterday, and there is no denying that Birdie is my daughter! Somehow we even have the same haircut!
Does anyone else have a same age picture of their LO against either mom or dad showing who they look like?

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    The best I can come up with are 1 year pictures... my SO's pictures are hard to come by since he was adopted and his adoptive mom passed away years ago. 

    This is me on the left, my son in the middle, and Brynlee on the right. No denying them...

    SO on the left, me on the right, both at 1 year. 

    My son and Brynlee each at 1 year. 

    Everyone sees my eyes on both kids. When my son was younger, he definitely looked more like SO, now at 2.5, he looks more like me. Brynlee has always favored me, but I don't feel like she looks JUST like me. 
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    My son is such a mini me! These pictures don't even do it justice. He has my husband's big brown eyes. Baby #2 is almost here so it will he interesting to see who he looks like. My husband is top and I'm bottom. We were all about 9 months here. 
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    SDaniels19SDaniels19 member
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    LO (on the left)  is definitely the spitting image of DH!

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