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Monday B!tchfest 6.19

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Let's hear 'em!

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Re: Monday B!tchfest 6.19

  • I love my toddler... But... He will not let the baby sleep. He purposely trys to wake him up. He won't let me be in the other room rocking him to sleep. He's so loud... I give him goodies and toys to keep him occupied while I'm in the other room trying to put the baby down but the minute I leave the room he's screaming for me or running into the room. 

    Also it's annoying being in the in between phase of clothes . My regular clothes are still a little tight and my maternity clothes are too big . 

  • @lrwardrop my toddler does the same thing, especially if I specifically ask him to keep the volume down for a few minutes. I'm thinking it's just an attention thing, though it's really frustrating. Hopefully it just means LO will learn to sleep through a lot of ruckus. :D

    My bitch is that DH went out with his brother last night and came home intoxicated, which was fine (he doesn't go out often) until DS decided to wake up like 5 times last night. DH is in charge of night wake ups with him if they happen and of course, last night he wouldn't wake up. So between DS and LO, I think I got like two hours of sleep. Big fail DH!
  • That sucks @MoshiMoshi7.
    Yes @lrwardrop! The clothes problem is no fun! I don't even want to go shopping for this yucky body. Sorry about your toddler waking the baby!
  • mdlorenz said:
    @lrwardrop Is your toddler old enough to understand that if you can get the baby to sleep, you can play with him sooner? Oh wait, no toddler follows logic...
    I tell him this but he doesnt get it... He will be 2 in 2 months. 

    My toddler annoyance today is that he won't let me clip his finger nails and he keeps clawing me!

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    If I hear my 3yo say OK one more time, I may go crazy. I ask him something simple, he says OK then does something completely different or continues to do what I've asked him to stop doing.

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  • @mcvgal it's preschool day today, I nearly cried with relief, he was home sick the other day so I've had 2 days of non-stop babbling, it was driving me insane and everytime I said anything to him I got "huh?!" In response  :|
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  • Had to change DS's poopy diaper so I stepped out of the bathroom for a minute where DD was taking a bath and the paint is peeling in the bathroom next to the tub and I've suspected mold for a while, even noted it when we moved in (apartments)...well DD peeled up the wall and there's a bunch of black mold under it and I'm going to have to call maintenence and I swear to God if I loose part of my deposit over this I'm going to be pissed.
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