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When is it a good time to tell the boss

This past year has been a whirl wind. I miscarried earlier this year, and recently found out I was pregnant again. I am over the moon excited, but I have managed to keep it a secret so far. My husband and a very close friend are the only ones that know. Before I found out I was pregnant I applied for a new position within the company I have been with for 10 years. I interviewed just days after finding out I am expecting. They offered me the job and I start tomorrow. Because I am so early into the pregnancy and because of the loss I didn't tell the hiring manager. The guilt is starting to get to me though. I am going to wait until at least after my first appointment with the OB which is on Tues. My nerves are sky high right now. I just want to know that everything is ok. But to make matters worse my husband told me today that he thinks I'm starting to show. I agree but how much longer will I be able to keep this a secret? I'm not ready for the world to know but my body might rat me out. Sorry for the rant that is kind of all over the place. Just a lot on my mind tonight. Deep breath...

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    Don't feel guilty. It's your pregnancy and your news. If you're not ready then don't share. I shared earlier with my boss but only because he was so kind and encouraging after my loss and I wanted his support. But I know most people don't have that kind of relationship with their boss. But as for starting to show, it's doubtful anyone wouldn't say anything. Do what you're comfortable with. Good luck!
  • Thank you HGRich. Its so nice to have a place where you can talk openly about these things. 
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  • Today I went in for my first OB appointment. I was looking forward to hearing the heart beat and hopefully an ultrasound. I got there and left a urine sample. I was taken to the exam room where I waited for the doctor. A few minutes went by and the nurse came in to tell me the doctor left for delivery. I had to reschedule my appointment. Bummer. So tomorrow I am taking off work again to go to the doctor. I decided it was time to tell my boss. He took it well. I. Looking forward to tomorrows appointment. 
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