Pregnant after a Loss

I'm here again

This board was so helpful to me when I was pregnant with my April 2016 baby!
We have 5 boys... 
1st pregnancy took a year of trying and although it was a sucky pregnancy.... very uneventful except the 35w4d delivery... DS is now 10
2nd pregnancy was twins just 9 months later SURPRISE... easy peezy... And they will be 9 in 2 months
3rd pregnancy took 4 months and was uneventful and he is 4.5 yrs old
I had a surprise with blighted ovum in Oct 2013... 
Then Feb 2015 we decided on one last baby.... 1st try and it worked... uneventful.... until 11 weeks when the heart stopped April 2015...  I mean.... I had 4 very healthy babies, miscarriage was never on my radar
We didn't try but didn't prevent July of 2015 and got preg 1st try with DS5... who ironically was born on DS1 birthday. Easy pregnancy except I didn't get excited or connect until about 26 weeks.... I was scared to death 
Well.... here we are.... 4w1day... pregnant as can be...  and surprising EXCITED. Like I have to keep reminding myself I'm almost 40 and have miscarried before... to chill and quit being excited.... 
I'd love some feedback and storied from other mama's with one or more rainbows
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