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  • BusyZee said:
    Tip: not sure if I'm having a c section yet but just a little tip. if you can then definitely use silicon sheets. I've used them for raised scars, a surgical incision and also on  burns in the water and my healing was much much quicker. Do not underestimate the power of silicon sheets! I don't heal quickly at all and these work like magic for me . 
    These ones are specific to c- sections.  
    ScarAway C-Section Scar Treatment Strips, Silicone Adhesive Soft Fabric   4-Sheets (7 X 1.5 Inch) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002VK977O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_MkuszbK2G8GVR
    I would talk to your Dr about this. I was told not to cover the insicion with anything at all. They even took the dressing off a few afters after surgery bc of the glue that is used. Don't just use something bc it says c-section on it, not everything is safe to use.
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  • LM1007LM1007 member
    For repeat CS- Does recovery seem to be easier the second+ time around? 

    Also I was put under for my first CS, and I've psyched myself out this time about being awake.. Is there any random advice/thoughts for during the procedure? 

  • Re: swimming pools - I could be wrong, so feel free to correct me, anyone who knows better, but I had heard that the restriction, while it certainly takes the incision into account, is actually more to prevent infection in your uterus due to allowing your cervix to close back up and finish flushing out. I would think that restriction would vary from case to case, but the general rule would be on the conservative side.
    This is the reason for no pool/bath/water submersion. My doc says 5-6 weeks. 
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  • @LM1007- My recovery for the 2nd c-section seemed easier in some ways, harder in others. My first was not a planned CS so after laboring for 20 hours, the operation was beyond draining.  The second one was planned and the actual procedure seemed so much easier, but I came home to a needy 14 month old, plus a newborn, and I did not take it nearly as easy as I should have. Like everything else, it varies.  I was awake for both of mine, but I couldn't see anything and there are so many people in that room and so much going on, I was really distracted until the baby came out. And after that, obviously much calmer.  From what I remember, getting the baby out takes maybe 15 minutes, stitching me back up took closer to 45 minutes to an hour, both times.
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  • @LM1007 if you're awake, you'll feel everything. It doesn't hurt but you can feel the tugging/pulling and lots of pressure.
  • LM1007LM1007 member
    @notachanski Thank you for sharing! My first was planned because DS was breech but I went into labor days before the date, labored for 5hrs and his foot started coming before my doc arrived, so it was an emergency. So I'm hoping this planned date will go as planned lol. I'll be coming home to a 21mo old with the help of my husband so hopefully it won't be to straining. 
    But your right everything varies. 
    I didn't know it takes that long to be stitched up, interesting. Thank you. 

    Are you able to see baby while they finish and stitch you up? Can DH hold him? 

    @mrsla0512 Thanks, that's what I've been told, just thinking about feeling tugging and pulling makes me nervous. 
  • @LM1007, for what it's worth, I just had my section for the twins 11 days ago and I genuinely didn't feel a thing - tugging, pulling, or anything else. I vaguely felt the pressure in my ribs lessen when they took my son out, but he was the second twin and was footlong breach with his head lodged up under my rib age. It absolutely didn't hurt, though, and I was completely unaware that either baby had been pulled out until I heard them both yelling.
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  • CejimlCejiml member
    @maribeth0721 @notachanski  
    thats so exciting! I don't have my time slot yet but I  am scheduled. I'll find out Day before. So annoying with 2 other kids to plan for lol. Good luck to everyone! 

    As for how how much I have felt, I just feel them moving me around as others said. Tugging and pressure. Being pulled in different ways. I'm also getting a tubal done this time so it will take a bit longer but start to finish was less than an hour with both of my others. 
  • I'm heading for my third c/s this time and honestly haven't found the recovery that bad. Both were not emergencies and I never labored which I think helped.

    I don't remember time to heal but I know I was only on heavy pain meds the first day then just ibuprofen. The doctor said I could drive as soon as I wasn't on pain meds anymore. They used staples the first time to close and removed them before I left the hospital, the second time was stitches and they let me go home early and my trooper of a husband remove them for me lol. It was an adventure and I doubt he will volunteer for that again.

    Agree with @KissMeImScottish about swimming- I was told it was because of infection risks and to avoid for 6 weeks. 

    For me the hardest part of a c/s was the idea of it. If I think too hard about what is happening at the time I lose my ish. No pain during the procedure at all though, and H held the baby for some of the time while I was stitched up. They were also measuring, checking, cleaning them at that time.
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  • @LM1007 - My arms (and everything else) were strapped down both times, but immediately after baby was checked out, DH got to hold the baby and bring them over to snuggle against me.  I didn't get to hold them but I know some CS mommas on here got very particular about how that whole part goes down in their birth plans with their doctors.

    I agree with @mrsla0512 - I was able to feel all the pressure of them getting the babies out.
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  • LM1007LM1007 member
    @KissMeImScottish It's definitely worth knowing some don't feel much! 

    I really do think it's the idea of it that isn't getting to me.. which ironically the first time, I was so mentally prepared for it. 
  • Blood pressure was slightly elevated at doc apt today... They drew more blood work just to be safe... Found some blood in urine... Had me do a Non Stress Test... Got an ultrasound Tuesday to check fluid levels and doc Apt Wednesday... If things look good then 7/3 will be the day!!! This ending is always so miserable, I am beyond ready, my back cannot take much more (injury from car accident years ago)... This will be my 3rd and final C Section, getting a tubal! Hope all you gals are hanging in there for the last stretch of the journey, we are almost done!!!

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