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Sudden limping

Hi ladies! I noticed my LO limping randomly a few days ago. He has limped all day today. I'm obviously going to call his pediatrician but I don't really know what to make of it. He hasn't fallen recently and it's a slight limp. I've massaged his leg and he doesn't seem to be in pain. He doesn't cry and he still squats, climbs, runs, ect.... Have any of you experienced anything similar? Perhaps he is just playing? 

Re: Sudden limping

  • My LO has been trying out different ways of walking and some of them look pretty limpy. I would say get checked out though if he does it consistently though. He may have just pulled something, but never hurts to get it checked out.
  • Agree with PP. My daughter's been trying to walk on her tiptoes, sideways, backwards. She's trying to jump, and it all looks horribly wonky and uncoordinated. If you're worried, it doesn't hurt to check with your doctor, though.
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  • Definitely check with the doctor! My nephew slightly fractured his leg in the crib! It got stuck in the slats. His only symptom was limping. If could be nothing, but it's good to get it checked. 
  • Kids are so resilient, and also completely goofy, that it is hard to say. My LO loves to walk on her tip toes... but also to use my couch as a slide. Injuries with her would never shock me.  But it could be as simple as growing pains! I'd get it checked out, just to be sure! 
  • It 'suddenly' went away yesterday...so I'm assuming he just thought it was fun. I also traded out his shoes for more supportive ones. The things the little ones do...
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