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26 Day/Short Cycles

Up until I hit my 30's, my cycles were always, always 28 days. Once I hit my 30's, they started getting shorter and more sporadic, lasting anywhere from 24-28 days with an overall average of 26 days. Something prompted me to google why and I stumbled upon this fascinating info: 


Thought I'd share in case anyone is in a similar boat as it also includes good info about what can be done to help lengthen the follicular phase.

Also, I thought this was cute: I asked DH to pick up a pregnancy test while he's at the store. He said- "OK, I'll probably grab a jumbo pack so we have 'em." 

Bless him.

Re: 26 Day/Short Cycles

  • Are you charting? I suggest you start if not especially if your cycles are changing. I recommend Wondfo brand, you can get a ton of OPKs and HPTs on Amazon for cheap. I've used them for years and they work great.
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