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Hi, I'm new to the group. This is my second pregnancy, but first time with just one baby. The last one was twins. What is everyone's thoughts on getting a new bathing suit for summer? Is it worth the investment? Will I still fit in my old one for most of the summer? I would really like to hear people's thoughts.

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  • I think it depends on how comfortable you are baring the bump. In a bikini, that is. I had a one piece last year that definitely will not fit over the bump but many mamas just rock their bikinis with a big baby belly. I find inexpensive tankini tops at target that cover the bump and still wear the same pair of bottoms that I've worn before. Also, your breasts may have gotten bigger so you may have to up a size there too
  • STMs.... am i wrong in thinking ill be cool with letting it all hang out in a bikini?
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  • I am already wearing a maternity suit. I can't fit my boobs into my other ones. 
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  • +1 on maternity suit already.  

    @AMCsquared if I could, I would totally rock a bump in a bikini   Go for it! 
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  • Any suggestions for a good and supportive lap swimming suit?  I definitely need something with a bra or at least a shelf bra.
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  • Suggestions on the best place to buy maternity suits? I don't want to spend a ton on something I may wear 5 times.  
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  • @AMCsquared if you're a bikini gal already, rock it. my only word of caution is my stomach was (and is, and will forever be) more stretch mark than skin by midway through my pregnancy. not attractive. fx most of you don't have the tiger stripes. 
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  • I plan on wearing my regular bikinis all summer. I love my bump and if anyone has a problem with it, that's their problem. I DARE someone to try and comment! 
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  • I recently purchased a high waisted swimsuit bottom and paired it with a full coverage Roxy top. And, I also bought this set from Amazon, and I LOVE it.

    I have a maternity one from DD, but I'm going to ROCK my stretch marks this summer :)

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  • They make maternity bathing suits that you can get at Target.  If you dont want maternity there are other options. I got a normal one piece at Ross ($14!) and just got it a little bigger. I'm a STM and thought I would go bare bump with my first but when it came down to it I got too nervous which made me avoid the pool  :(
  • @leighaw91 @kvacmak @anewadventure I'm glad there r other bikini mamas!
    The stretch marks is a great point. I'm guessing I'll have them pretty badly since I still have them on my boobs/hips from puberty over 20 years ago.
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  • @AMCsquared I did not get a single mark on my belly with DS, even though I had them on my hips, and I got them on my boobs when my milk came in!
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  • question for you gals. do you think if i wait around to shop for a new suit until late this summer when the bump is much bigger, i will have any options? or do i need to feel some urgency here? 
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  • I am having a terrible time finding a maternity plus sized suit that will fit my gigantic boobs.  I want to be able to try ones on but I may be to the 'order and then return' point now.

  • @anewadventure interesting to know
    Me: 31  DH: 32      <3 DH since 12.2009       Married 08.2013       EDD 12.2017
  • @andipandicWed121369 I was surprised (hormonal) that Target and Kohl's didn't carry ANY maternity swimsuits in store. Even not pregnant I feel like swimsuits just need to be tried on, and even more so while pregnant bc your body could be growing all over the place.  So frustrating!
  • @anewadventure Good question. It might be a little harder with less options, but then, a lot of bathing suits go on sale/clearance later in the summer. 
  • I never wore bikinis pre-pregnancy, so I wouldn't be comfortable in one pregnant. I bought a maternity tankini top (I think from target) and wear the old bottoms I have. I may be doing a maternity water aerobics class this time and taking DD to the pool more often, so I may get a second one! 

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  • @splsmama2016  I LOVE that suit you found, so cute!  @vvitchhazel and @KathrynJ088 You guys look amazing in your suits, way to rock it! I have to wear one this weekend and am feeling slightly apprehensive about it because I'm definitely not obviously pregnant, just look kind of big, but am trying to embrace the "fuck it" attitude and rock my old bikinis :)  Appreciate the empowerment this thread is providing!
  • Swimsuits.. the bane of my existence.  I detest swimsuit shopping because it is so hard to find one that will provide support and actually be the right size (small band, large cup) AND not cost a fortune. Forget about buying one off the rack anywhere. So I decided I was not even going to attempt to find a maternity suit that met these requirements. I found a blousy tankini top at Athleta that I'm hoping will do through the summer (good enough for our backyard at least but okay for public if need be). Between a credit on my account and a sale they had going, I got it for $30ish. No, the bra part doesn't fit right (band too big, cups too small, story of my life), but it's kind of camouflaged and should work well enough to get me through.

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  • I wear bikinis as a chubby girl, so I'm not worried about showing my belly.  I like feeling water on my middle.

    But I don't want to shave my bikini line.  I'll trim, but that's as far as it goes--and I'm extra furry these days.  I'm looking for a skirt or shorts bottom, no luck so far.
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  • Bikinis for me. I also have a monokini that will fit for a little while that can get me through that awkward "chubby" phase if I want. But I have a backyard pool so I can skinny dip if I grow out of my bikinis! Hahaha
  • I was so freaking bloated from progesterone supplements that I caved and bought a maternity tankini when we went to a water park at around 10-11 weeks. Sooooo comfy. I got a couple of suits at Motherhood Maternity. Not my favorite store but they fit well and living in Florida I wear them a lot during summer. 
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  • For anyone with issues with finding a supportive top in the correct bra size, check out They are relatively expensive, but I managed to find an affordable tankini with enough fabric in the tummy area to get through this summer and (hopefully) any post-baby belly.
  • guys i need specifics. i'm lazy. links to tankinis you like? 
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  • Thanks for this post. It reminded me to dig out my bikinis and try them on before I go to Texas next weekend~ luckily some of them still fit! Though if my chest keeps growing at this rate, they won't fit in a month.
  • I'm a one piece girl always, BUT, I feel like having a pregnant belly is the perfect excuse to bust out my two pieces. I can finally have no shame in my swimsuit game!  Stoked!
    Although, I CANNOT wear a bikini top. I'll have to find something Uber supportive, because these bad boys are almost pornographic at this point. 
  • @breezybee I have a friend with a relatively big chest for her size (she's very thin). She wears a black underwire bra as a bikini top. it doesn't get see-through when wet because it is black and it really looks the same as a bikini top. So if you have a dark bra you like, you might just try that with some bikini bottoms!

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  • @breezybee Agree on needing more support! I just ordered a bikini top in a bigger size with underwire from Zappos. They have a decent selection and you can filter to find bikini tops with underwire, etc. 
  • atackatack member
    I bought the cutest Carrie Underwood tanking before I knew I was pregnant and it is perfect for my growing belly.  I also have a cheap target tankini, I wore after my son, and it fits like maternity.  My first pregnancy I was due in August so I needed a maternity suit and paid for a motherhood maternity one.  Not worth it for the two weeks I used it. 
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