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Velamentous Cord Insertion at 21 weeks pregnant after son was stillborn at 32 weeks

Hi All,
I am pregnant with my 2nd after my son was stillborn at 32 weeks in September of 2016. I am due sadly on October 23rd, 2017 and I was due on October 28th, 2016 with my son. :( The obgyn I used with my son didn't care about me or my baby and I had a fall in late August, called and was told to monitor my symptoms from home which I feel led to my losing him. I have much better OBGYN's now and I feel confident they care. I also had a PE after I lost my son so to avoid blood clots this pregnancy, I started on Lovenox injections once a day at 40mg. Anyways...

I just went for my 21 week U/S and I called because I couldn't read it online and I was told I have a Velamentous Cord Insertion and my doctor told me not to look it up (yeah, right) and she said they needed to see more to check if there is vasa previa and she said they would schedule the follow up U/S for the end of June. After having lost my son due to placental abruption in September, I'm extremely nervous after researching a Velamentous Cord Insertion.

Did anyone else go through anything like this? Can I request to be hospitalized at 28 or 32 weeks until delivery? Can I request to deliver my baby girl at 28 or 32 weeks? I'm not being selfish, I have researched the survival rates for "preterm" babies and I'd MUCH rather my baby girl be born alive than to wait as many weeks as possible only for her to pass in my womb. I'll trust a 95% survival rate or 99% survival rate before I'll trust my own body to care for my baby anyday after what happened. Do you think my OB will deliver her at that time? If not, how can I make sure she is okay without daily Fetal monitoring and U/S because I'm not going to trust movements after what happened..?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
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