2nd Trimester

Progesterone Levels

   I am finally totally discharged from my fertility dr.  They could only do ultrasounds until Week 12, but they have been weaning me off progesterone.  This past week I have been totally off of progesterone.  My level today was 41.83.  I'm 16 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  I know most of you probably don't get your level checked regularly, but if you do or have insight, is this number good?  My nurse would say if not, but of course I am asking anyway!  I have read that it can be up to 100 at this point!  Mine has been in the 40s for weeks now.  Any insight is appreciated!  Thanks!
Me: 33, DH: 40
July 2016: IVF #1 (froze embryos)
Aug. 2016: Hysteroscopy to remove a few polyps & Laparoscopy
Oct. 2016: FET #1 BFN
Nov. 2016: FET #2 BFP (ended in CP)
March 2017: IVF #2 Fresh Transfer of 2 Blasts = BFP!!! (EDD: 11/27/17)
Froze 5 Blasts
DS born on 11/2/17!!!  
Back to try for Baby #2 :)

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