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Extra black spot in early ultrasound

Does any one know what this could be my doc didn't say much and was super quick I felt like there was more than one this pregnancy and twins run in my family he mentioned I maybe had some mucus or blood but didn't clarify where! Just wondering what the extra black spot can be 

Re: Extra black spot in early ultrasound

  • I had an "extra" black spot with a healthy singleton.  I'm sure if the doc thought there were 2 s/he would have told you twins. 
  • I had a spot on my early ultrasound with an RE at 5 weeks and 8 weeks, Dr said it was probably blood and would be absorbed, by 12 week scan it was gone...I'd listen to your doctor or ask the question of if it could be a twin to your doctor. I think by six weeks it is very evident if there will be twins or not
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  • I had a similar spot on my US and my RE said it was a small clot and was not worried about it. 
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  • I guess I should of been more specific on my question, I was just thinking two sacs cause there's some white stuff in the pic also so that was my intial thought ... I was mainly wondering if the extra black spot was the "blood or mucus" he was talking about.. he didn't show me much printed the picture and gave it too me. So wasn't sure where the blood was... thanks everyone for the response! 
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