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Protein in Urine

At my 28 week appt today, I noticed my visit print out indicated I had 3+ protein in my urine. Dr didn't say anything about it. Blood pressure was 112/72 I believe. And this is the first time my urine culture is showing protein. I'm not having any other symptoms right now - glucose test was normal, no swelling, weight gain is in within range. Hoping it's a fluke and will be back to negative at my next appt in 2 weeks. Anyone had/have a similar situation? If so what was the outcome? 

Re: Protein in Urine

  • Did you ask your doctor what it meant?  If it was any cause for concern?  My best, non-doctor guess is that it's a small enough amount, combined with a lack of other pre-eclampsia symptoms, that they're not worried.  But, since I'm not a doctor, I highly recommend giving the office a call to follow up, so that you're not worrying about it.
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  • I didn't see it until I was checking out and looked st my print out. I agree that it's best to ask! I am going to email them just to see what the Dr.'s thoughts are so I'm not sitting here guessing until my next appt. 
  • How weird! I agree that if you didn't have other symptoms it's just something to watch. Scary though! I'd be asking if my kidneys were okay though.

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  • So I emailed the Dr.'s office and the Nurse said protein can be found in vaginal discharge and my blood pressure is normal so no cause for concern at the time. 
  • I've had a high level of protein in my urine in the past. They had me give a new sample and be extra sure that I was extra diligent with the sanitary wipe before providing my sample. They said that most of the time, that's the problem and they only worry if it's significantly high, if a follow up sample doesn't reveal normal results, or if there are other issues like elevated BP. It sounds like that is likely your situation, and why they didn't worry. I'm glad you were able to follow up.

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