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New to the board!

Hey ladies! 

Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Jessica, 27 years old.  Been TTC for 3 years.  Here's a couple things about my "journey":
  • I've been diagnosed with PCOS, vitamin D deficiency, etc.  
  • Intra-Uterine ultrasound turned out clear - everything looks normal
  • Currently taking 1000 mg Metformin per day, plus a 1 a day, magnesium, extra folic acid, extra Vit D, fish oil
  • I saw a new OB and indicated that I wanted help getting pregnant.  She prescribed the Metformin and tested 1AC and 21 day progesterone. A1c within normal range. All signs are pointing to me not ovulating.  
  • Hubby went for a semen analysis today.  
  • I'm temping and just started OPKs.  My temp seems erratic so far, and my OB said OPKs likely won't work well for me due to the PCOS.  
  • OB set me up with a dietitian and said that she won't help me with chlomid or any other steps until I lose 40 lbs, and likely a RE won't want to work with me until I lose even more.  
  • working out 3x a week and trying to keep my carbs complex and in check. 

Any other ladies out there TTTC with PCOS?  What else are you doing and what supplements are you taking?  Sometimes taking my supplements in the morning (even with food) makes me nauseous. 

Hope to get to know you all.  It's nice to have an outlet.  I've also made a commitment to try to discuss this more with friends and family to try to make it less "taboo," especially when they like to ask unwelcome questions about when we're going to have a baby. Good luck to everyone :)
Married 4 yrs - TTC 3 yrs
PCOS, anovulatory, vit. D deficiency
Rx: Metformin

Re: New to the board!

  • Hello and welcome.  I am sorry you have to be here but glad you found us.  I have no personal experience with PCOS but I know a number of ladies here do. GL on your journey!
    Me:33, DH:38 Married: 8/2/2014
    TTC #1 Since: April 2015
    Unexplained Infertility

    Cycle 1&2 : Clomid 50mg- BFN
    Cycle 3: Letrozole 2.5mg- BFN
    Cycle 4: Letrozole 5mg- BFN
    Cycle 5: HSG-normal
                  Clomid 100mg+ Estrace- BFN
    Cycle 6: Letrozole 5mg+Trigger shot+IUI+Progestrone- BFN
    Cycle 7: Letrozole 5mg, Cyst found during follicle check
    Cycle 8: Birth control to treat left ovary cyst
    Cycle 9: Letrozole 7.5mg+Trigger shot+IUI+Progesterone- BFN
    Cycle 10: Letrozole 7.5mg, 2 Cysts found during follicle check
    Cycle 11: Clomid 100mg+Estradiol+Trigger shot+IUI+Progesterone- BFN
    Cycle 12: Clomid 100mg- BFN
    Cycle 13-16: Natural attempts while awaiting IVF 
    Cycle 14: IVF-BFN

  • Welcome @jessicaapennington! I don't have personal experience with PCOS, but like @hoffmanr7 said, many women here do. 

    Some people take their supplements/vitamin in the evening before bed that way you can sleep through any possible side effects.

    Join us in the weekly check in! 
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  • Hello!  I'm sorry you're having to go through this, but glad you found us :)
  • thank you all for the warm welcome! @Kim41313, i will try to take my supplements at night and see if that helps.  Thank you :smiley:
    Married 4 yrs - TTC 3 yrs
    PCOS, anovulatory, vit. D deficiency
    Rx: Metformin

  • tops-2tops-2 member
    Welcome :)
    I have PCOS too. I'm sorry that the doctor said they won't do anything until you lose weight.. that doesn't feel fair. If I were you I'd be finding someone else... The Metformin should hopefully help with the weight loss though :) Maybe see a second doctor to get another opinion?

    From my knowledge Metformin is safe up to 2000mg per day (which is what I'm on) so another Dr may put your dose up a bit too.
    I had to find a new Dr when my original one didn't want to increase my dose from 500mg a day (and my cycles were 2-3 months long) and the new doctor gradually increased the dose.

    Currently other than the Metformin I have just started monitored cycles with Letrozole and timed intercourse. And I am taking a vitamin D supplement and a pregnancy multivitamin.

    All I can say is try to keep positive, keep doing what you're doing, and be your own biggest advocate. Talking to trusted friends and family really does help too. I kept it a secret for a long time because I was embarrassed but now I am so glad I have people to talk to and vent to about the situation :)
    Me: 26, DH: 26
    TTC #1 since July 2016
    Dx: PCOS, on Metformin since Feb 2017
    • June 17 - Letrozole - BFN
    • July 17 - Letrozole - BFP - MMC confirmed 30/08
    • November 17 - Letrozole - BFN
    • December 17 - Letrozole - BFP!

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  • Hi I am Stephanie, I have PCOS too with cycles about 2 months long. Me and my husband have been ttc for the past year.  My dr also said she will not prescribe clomid till I lose some weight. OPK's are mostly useless I get a faint line daily but never a positive so probably just going to stop using them when I run out of this pack of wondfo's. Only supplement I am currently on is a prenatal.
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  • Welcome! Another anovulatory PCOSer. Not sure if you saw my post on the check in thread. I am currently on 2000mg of Metformin, diet and exercise. I am on CD 301. I found temping and OPKs do nothing for me. I hope you have better luck than me! How long have you been taking Metformin? 

    Me: 34 - SO: 40
    TTC #1 since 8/2016
    FINALLY diagnosed with anovulatory PCOS 11/2016 (Insulin resistance and multiple cysts on both ovaries)
    Miscarriage on 7/19/17 at 7 weeks 
    Miscarriage on 10/16/17 at 5 weeks

  • @tops-2 When i get hubby's SA results back, we may discuss potentially getting a second opinion.  I know i need to lose weight, and i'm working on it, but it is frustrating for them just to say no without considering any other factors than BMI. I just recently learned about the connection with PCOS and vit. D deficiency so i'm taking Vit. D too, and trying to get more sun in my life! Fingers crossed for your Letrozole cylcle!!

    @StephieBears88 I haven't gotten a positive OPK either.  I thought i saw a faint line yesterday, but who knows. What are you doing to try to lose weight? 
    Married 4 yrs - TTC 3 yrs
    PCOS, anovulatory, vit. D deficiency
    Rx: Metformin

  • Hi @eranvo27! I have been on Metformin for about a month now.  I am only on 1000 mg.  I typcially have regular cycles (although they've been weird since being on metformin) but i don't ovulate in these cycles. 

    my temping has still been completely erratic and all my OPKs have been negative, though they say with PCOS they are usually false positives, but that has not been my experience!
    Married 4 yrs - TTC 3 yrs
    PCOS, anovulatory, vit. D deficiency
    Rx: Metformin

  • Hi @jessicaapennington

    Just wanted to say hi- I'm also a newbie here.. on 1000mg of metformin and vitamin D as well for about 2 weeks now

    My temps have also been incredibly erratic with no positive books and my cycles incredibly irregular.  Although I did start a new cycle 5 days into the metformin.

    We are also dealing with MFI and are waiting for an appointment with a RE.

    as I'm new to the journey I don't really have any advice at this point just wanted to wish you well and say that as much as this journey sucks it's nice to have someone to chat with who is going through the same ordeal.

  • @jessicaapennington welcome and I'm sorry you find yourself here!  I think it's so frustrating when doctors are quick to blame weight as the issue to the problem.  Would being a "normal" weight help? Of course but sometimes there is a bigger issue at hand that needs to be addressed.  I also respectfully disagree that the RE would make you lose weight before treating you.  Every doctor is different and it might be worth exploring other opinions.  Good luck! 

    Me 36 DH 34 - Married May 2010
    DX: PCOS/Unexplained Infertility/MTHFR Mutation
    TTC since December 2014
    Fresh Transfer: Gonal, Menopur, Cetrotide. ~ Chemical Pregnancy :(  
    FET #1: 1st Beta- 3,792~ 2nd Beta- 4,227~ BFP ~ Miscarriage at 8 weeks :( 
    FET #2: 1st Beta 207~2nd Beta 235~ BFP~ Miscarriage at 6 weeks :(
    FET #3: 1st Beta 18~ 2nd Beta 44~BFP~ Miscarriage 5 weeks :(
    FET #4: 1st Beta 50~ 2nd Beta 97.7~ Miscarriage 6 weeks 5 days :(
    FET#5: 1st Beta 29~ 2nd Beta 109~ 3rd Beta 227~ 4th Beta 661~ Miscarriage 5 weeks 3 days 
    Miracle Natural BFP Estimated Due Date June 2019~ God is good 
    2 snow babies 

  • hi @Asampson87  - sounds like we are dealing with nearly the same thing! it is nice to have someone to talk to.  Thanks for saying hi, and best of luck to you as well!

    @Worldtravler0522 - according to my doctor losing weight would help to trigger my ovulation naturally and reduce the risk if i were to conceive. I am going to do more research to see if there are any REs in my area who are willing to help regardless of weight... i haven't seen much yet but i will continue looking while simultaneously trying to lose weight. Thank you for reaching out :) 
    Married 4 yrs - TTC 3 yrs
    PCOS, anovulatory, vit. D deficiency
    Rx: Metformin

  • hannahlcehannahlce member
    edited July 2017
    I have PCOS! I'm new to this board too. I'm feeling very lonely lately, and definitely hoping to make connections. 
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  • Im new to the board and I have PCOS too! I take 1500mg of metformin (I was taking just 1000 but I found out I'm diabetic so it's gradually being increased). I eat a strict diabetic diet, work out 4 times a day, use OPKs but like you said they don't help much, prenatals, b complex, flax seed and a probiotic. Man it feels good to know there's other people that have similar problems and I'm not just defective lol. Nice to meet you and I wish you the best of luck 
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