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pacifier/bottle or BF???

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Anyone still have a LO on a bottle or BF? I BF till a year then transitioned to a bottle and formula. He still takes a bottle at bedtime just because of the comfort and he refuses mlk from a sippy ( only takes water from a sippy). And he takes a paci at naps and bedtime only. Id like to get rid of both. But how??? I'm afraid he won't get enough milk and I know he needs it, he only drinks 6 oz a day and that's at night cause he won't drink it from a sippy. And he won't calm to sleep without a paci.
Any suggestions?

Re: pacifier/bottle or BF???

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    My LO just transitioned from BF to soppy cup of cows milk. She still has a dummy for naps and bed. I'm gonna keep doing it at the moment as her sleep still goes through phases of being rough! A few friends had the 'dummy fairy' come over and take he dummies for new babies when their kids were old enough to understand 
  • How did you transition? He refuses cold milk, spits it out. He's great with a sippy cup, just refuses to drink milk. He actually is on enfamil toddler transition formula for 1-3 year olds right now, but he refuses that warmed up and cold or warm milk in a sippy.
  • We r still nursing. But my lo will take cow milk from sippy but only if he's not tierd.if he's tired he will only nurse.we had to let him pick his cup his Elmo cup has soft spout and he broke one handle off (actually that's when he started to use it is after he broke one handle off.he won't use other ones unless its for water or gaterade when its hot.then he will only use hard spout lion cup he picked out lol
  • Got off the night time bottle, but he o ly takes about 3 oz of toddler formula  now. 
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    @jarob747 she just seemed ready to come off breast milk (not interested at all). She took a few days to want the cold milk tho. My LO only takes about 4oz in the am and another 4oz in evening. 
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