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With my first baby she was always quiet and independent.  My son now 14 months literally screams when he does not get what he wants. I'm not the type to give in either and neither is my husband. We put him down or walk away during his scream. But I will say, when we are at a restaurant or in public we do whatever to stop the scream, for other people's sake and my own sanity. I'll be honest, I use to think that parents who's baby screamed like that were just push overs.... then my son turned one.... any (kind) advice would be appreciated!

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  • All my kids went through a screaming phase, but it was never long-lived. LO4, however, has been at it for months. My oldest has sensory processing disorder, so loud noises put her into fight or flight mode. LO4 has figured this out and screams the minute she walks in the room. It's driving us nuts. I'll also add that my other 3 had a lot more language by this point than this little guy has, so that might have something to do with the prolonged screaming.
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  • We're also in a screaming phase. I ditto was @kielpinskim said. My daughter had a lot more language at this point l, so, I associate most of he screaming with frustration related to communication.
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  • This is just a phase right? Lol
    we try not to give in but we definitely do to keep our sanity and some peace and quiet in our house. L knows some words and some basic sign language (more please, milk) but I think ours might be more of an attitude thing  :/
  • Definitely an attitude thing for us!! Glad I'm not alone! My first LO never screamed. This LO knows a few words but it definitely makes sense that he's frustrated from no being able to say what he wants
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