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IU West or IU North?

Hello Mommas!

I am a FTM and trying to find a good (preferably female) OBGYN and hospital. I am looking at either IU West or IU North, because those are the closest to where I live and what my insurance will allow. Also, if you feel up to sharing your experiences and birth stories, I would love hear them! TIA!!

Re: IU West or IU North?

  • I gave birth to both of my boys at iu west. My doctors there were good. But I just couldn’t connect with them. The office ladies just seem kind of rude too. They get such great reviews but I feel like I hear stories of other people’s doctors and it just seems so much more pleasant! The triage was awful. They didn’t believe me when I was in labor, that my epidural wasn’t working, and that my water broke (in the hospital bed?!?) then afterwards admitted I was right. It was just so frustrating. So now I’m going to st Francis even though it’s almost 40 minutes away. My SIL goes there and she has nothing but awesome things to say. 
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