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Bitchfest Monday 6/12/17

Its Monday and I am beyond exhausted from this week. Lets hear it. What has you bitching?


Re: Bitchfest Monday 6/12/17

  • My parents are closing on their new house today (less than a mile from my house, which is stressing me out). One of my tires seems to have a leak in it. I'm having lunch with DH for his birthday and then he's probably going to take my car to get looked at and spend the rest of the day helping my mom move stuff she's storing at our house to her new house. I feel so bad that this is how he has to spend his birthday. 


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  • I found grey hairs. Yes I am freaking out. No I'm not taking it well. Blahhh. 
  • Time for highlights @tfrangul!
  • @lilpoots Oh you best believe that's what I was whining about to my husband!!! Not happy about the grey and not happy about having to spend money to hide it! Haha and no I am not ready to embrace the woman ever do that?! Lol

  • I've been finding grey eyebrows. I just pull them out but wtf. I'm sure I have some grey hairs but I don't go looking for them. I have some blonde highlights so I'm pretending they just blend in with those.

    I'm bitching about Word. It keeps switching the language to French for no reason and telling me everything is spelled wrong. It's super distracting while I'm trying to write!
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  • I have a cold and I am super congested and pretty miserable. Was up all night longingly staring at a bottle of NyQuil wishing I could just chug it and get some relief. I've tried all the natural, non-drug remedies and nothing seems to work except for getting my heart rate up! So I started doing squats and running up and down the stairs at 3 in the morning just to get a few minutes with clear sinuses. Although my doctor said it was safe, I'm trying to limit my Tylenol intake but it has definitely been necessary the last couple nights! Any suggestions anyone has to deal with this I'll gladly take!

    @tfrangul, we arent going grey, we are going platinum!!! least that's what Ive been telling myself ;)
  • After failing my 1 hr glucose screening, I didn't realize the 3 hr test had to be done within the week of my last test (according to lab) 
    DH and I are off Friday and Monday, so I was hoping to do it Monday. But lab says I must do it Thursday, which is requiring me to take another day off work. I work 2am-11am, and I think it'd be too much to fast my entire night and then go. Luckily, my boss is letting me use some comp time instead of a precious sick day that I'll need for maternity leave. 
    Im so ready to get it out of the way! Blood draws are always tough to me... they usually poke me several times and then just decide to take it out of the top of my hand. Hoping that's not the case this time around since I'll have 4 blood draws. 
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    tfrangul said:
    @lilpoots Oh you best believe that's what I was whining about to my husband!!! Not happy about the grey and not happy about having to spend money to hide it! Haha and no I am not ready to embrace the woman ever do that?! Lol

    Yes. Coloring my hair is just not something I am willing to pay for/spend time on. I may change my tune as time goes on (I'm probably only 2-3% white haired now), but I've been going slowly white for years. It just depends on how it makes you feel. If you feel better coloring it (regardless of greys/age) then you should! 

    My BF: I failed the 1hr glucose test and have to do the 3hr on Wednesday :unamused:
  • @tfrangul One of the ladies I work with has fully embraced the gray. Once she started getting gray in her hair, she decided to do this platinum blonde / silver for her whole head. It's interesting. Kinda weird when you first see it though because she has an elderly woman's hair color but is only in her late twenties / early thirties.
  •  I'm not as brave as @jena333-2, although your light hair color really helps hide it! Thank goodness I have a girlfriend who has been doing my hair for almost a decade. I have just been doing the  natural color thing for 2 years or so. 
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