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Prometrium, CD, & HSG questions

My Fiance and I have been TTC since 2013. I finally saw a Reproductive Endocrinologist this month after 4 failed rounds of clomid with my OB. I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and prescribed Metformin, and also Prometrium 200mg twice a day for 7 days to start my period. I'm supposed to have an HSG test done between CD 3-5. Everything I have read online says that you are not supposed to have any bleeding while taking this pill and my RE and Nurse both said my period wouldn't start until after day 7. I called on day 3 of prometrium because I had been spotting pretty heavily since about 5 hours after I started taking prometrium and has been getting significantly heavier since day 6. I'm calling tomorrow to talk to my nurse and hopefully schedule my HSG test but I am unsure when to say the start of my period. should I say it was the 6th day of taking prometrium when the spotting started getting heavier or say it was today which is the first day of being off prometrium?

Should I be worried about the HSG test, the doctor warned me it would be uncomfortable but other then that I'm going in pretty blind. what happens if my TOM stops before the test? would they still be able to do it? I usually have pretty short and light periods so this pill is really taking a toll on me. 

Re: Prometrium, CD, & HSG questions

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    Hello and welcome! Sorry that you have to be here.

    I don't have experience with what you're describing, but I will say that typically CD1 is the first day of bleeding that is more than spotting. So, essentially if you need a pantyliner, pad, or tampon it is counted as CD1.

    Everyone has different experiences with the HSG. For some women it is just slightly uncomfortable and for others they have some pain. For me, I would say it was more uncomfortable than a pap, but not that worst thing ever. Worse than a pap partially because it lasts longer, and I did experience some cramping when they pushed the dye through. I also had had to roll on the table for them to get the pictures they needed which was not a comfortable experience with the speculum still in. That being said, it wasn't the worst thing and it was over quickly. Some doctors advise taking ibuprofen an hour or so before the procedure. 

    Good luck with all your testing! 
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    I still dont understand why they would want to do the HSG during TOM. 
    I called them when I started needing more then a liner and they just kept saying my period wouldn't start until after day 7 of taking prometrium, even after I told them AF was heavy enough to need over night pads.
    Should I still call and set up the HSG? Will they still be able to see follicles if its not CD 3-5?
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    I can only answer for the HSG and agree with @Kim41313 that it's just slightly more uncomfortable than a pap.  The prep is probably the most uncomfortable, but once the procedure started it was pretty painless.  I know it's easier said than done, but just working hard to relax your pelvic muscles really makes a difference and makes it more comfortable.
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    @fluffybookworm I dont know what TOM is? What do you mean? 

    I'm not sure if I'm fully understanding what you are asking, but... I would call to set it up. They want to do it after AF to ensure you aren't KU, but before you ovulate. I believe they will also want to wait until the bleeding stops to decrease the risk of infection. Typically CD 5- 10 ish, give or take. They aren't looking for follicles during an HSG, so that shouldn't be an issue. They are just checking to see the shape of your uterus and if your tubes are clear. 
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    Okay. During my consult she told me about the hsg and then started talking about follicles right after. So much information got thrown at me in about a half hour that I'm still trying to straighten it all out in my head. 
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