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Father's Day plans

Father's day is coming up soon - what are your plans? Getting any gifts? 

Re: Father's Day plans

  • No plans as of yet. I'm sure he will want to go camping again. We went tent camping a few weeks ago, all 4 of us. It wasn't the best time I've had between pumping and sleeping in the sleeping bag with the baby. But it's Father's Day so I will just suck it up again. As for gifts I am getting him Jimmy Fallon's book as a gift from the baby, and of course after I ordered it, her first word has been Momma. Oops. I'm getting him a gift card from a local beer making supply store. He hasn't brewed beer in two years between the two moves and baby. He has really been wanting to start brewing again. Then, I'll probably let the older daughter pick out a gift at the store Fuego in the mall. 
  • I already bought H some special work out briefs he wanted. I'm sure we will go out to a restaurant of his choosing on the actually day. I might convince him to do the day before to avoid the crowds. 
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  • @camcbeth I couldn't even imagine taking S camping right now. I'm worried about how we are going to manage going to a cookout at someone's house in a few weeks. I'm planning to bring the pack n play so I can just lay her in there for a nap. Hoping that it works so I don't end up with an overtired fussy baby. 
  • @Ladybug2821 I hear you on the cookout. Some things we have gone to and there is no problem and other times we have to peace out early because she gets so fussy. I am sending you positive thoughts that the evening will go smoothly and you can have a good time. Our camping trip was a last minute idea after neighbors invited us to hike for the afternoon. Then DH said, "Let's pack the car to go camping just in case there are spots available." It was Memorial Day weekend and I thought we'd just drive back home. Nope. There were plenty of spots available. It was a half a$$ed attempt and not well thought out. I loved camping as a kid. I hate it as an adult. 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    I can't imagine camping with a baby in a tent @camcbeth then again I don't like camping unless it is in a hotel 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    @mrsmoose5 it is definitely nice to go to a kid friendly house!
  • kvruns said:
    @mrsmoose5 it is definitely nice to go to a kid friendly house!
    And when you like going to the in-laws.
  • I don't know what I'm doing for H yet, which is not good since it's coming up so fast! He was so thoughtful for me on mother's day I feel a lot of pressure. 
  • @desoky01 I'm feeling the pressure too! 
    We will definitely NOT be camping. In fact we're looking to sell our tent. It's just way too cold here at night. Not worth it. 
    H hasn't let me know what he wants to do. I asked if he wanted anything special and he just keeps saying he needs to think about it. Not helpful given it's a week away. 
  • I bought H a custom baby board book from Pinhole Press that's got M and H's pictures in it. Super cute! And I also got him some pictures for his office because he's been complaining he doesn't have any. As for what we'll do? I'm not sure but probably go to lunch or something. He wasn't here for mother's day and did literally nothing for it so I'm not too worried about it. 
  • @MrsMaryK2016 sucks he wasn't here for Mother's Day but I can't say id mind if there was no expectations here. 
  • I got this for LO to wear...

    I went to Home Depot and bought him a drill & driver a couple of weeks ago 'cause he needed it one evening. I might get him a Cubs hat too. We're going to Louisville on Friday for a concert and staying overnight, leaving LO with my mom. :# I'm nervous but I think it'll be great for us. Good timing with Father's Day!
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    @lajoliedreamer U2 - The Joshua Tree anniversary tour! B)

    ETA - bought tickets months ago and these dudes just announced a date here in Indy last week! :tired_face:
  • @hoosiermama-2 We're seeing them on Wednesday night!
  • Nice! They were here last month and I wished I could have gone. Have fun, both of you that are seeing them this week!
  • m6aguam6agua member
    No plans here as H will be working. I did get him a card and a punch card for 3 massages. I may go out on the boat with my parents.
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  • It looks like we are flea marketing that day by order of DH (he's obsessed). I bought him a nail gun and the kids are each giving him small appliances he asked for. He's an excessively practical man, so I know he'll be satisfied. 

    I was was hoping to get him a shirt that reads, "Th Original" and then the kids shirt/onesie that reads, "The Remix," but I waited too long for that to work out. 
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  • kvrunskvruns member
    I still haven't come up with anything for him or my dad. Not sure why I'm procrastinating so much 
  • @kvruns - Because he's an unsupportive jerk? Based on the state of your relationship and his lack of interest in your son for most of his life, I wouldn't feel motivated either. 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    Lol @lajoliedreamer that is exactly why! Well for H anyway.  my dad deserves something 
  • My friend asked me if I made a special gift from S to H.  I was like no, he got a gift he wanted.  But now I actually feel kind of bad that I didn't do anything.  But in reality, I'm 100% sure H isn't expecting anything like that.  Plus we will go out on Father's Day.
  • kvrunskvruns member
    Lol @SandNStarsNJ very strange. But glad you got to sleep in!
  • Omg well I WAS excited about coming to my IL's, but it's 102 here today and they have no A/C! I'm trying to get LO to take a nap in the Pack N Play and it's 85 degrees in the room. She's stripped down to a diaper, but is not napping and not happy. Ugh! We're here all day  :s
  • kvrunskvruns member
    102 and no AC? Woah!
  • kvrunskvruns member
    Since the man cold struck I told H to stay home and not spread germs to my family. He didn't foot me too hard on it which was ok with me. B already has enough germs he doesn't need more!
  • I am not creative at all. I love the journal idea @BLyn627. Think I will steal it  :).
  • I love that idea, too, @BLyn627! I might steal it and do a version of it. Maybe make it more of a milestone journal for a combined Mother and Father's day thing since we don't really celebrate them. 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    @blyn627 my daycare did that poem for B's Father's Day gift with his footprints. It was a much cuter poem than the Mother's day one
  • @kvruns our daycare didn't do a craft for Father's Day, they brought in donuts instead.
  • kvrunskvruns member
    @RhodaMorgenstern I'd take donuts over a weird footprint butterfly (innocent whistle). 
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