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What my pregnant self is craving/eating

I thought it might be fun to bring this back. At this point in my pregnancy, I feel like I'm craving everything!

Re: What my pregnant self is craving/eating

  • I want a sub from Publix right now so badly. With mayonnaise, provolone, and all the vegetable toppings!
  • Chocolate chip cookies, pineapple, pickles, and Thai food as spicy as they can make it!
  • Ice cream.


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  • Anything buffalo chicken...wings, tenders, sub, i don't care as long as it's drenched in buffalo sauce and dipped in bleu cheese. Also, soft ice cream, root beer and cantaloupe 
  • @hmclaren I'm a vegetarian, but that sounds so good right now! Now I have to make buffalo cauliflower bites tomorrow. 
  • @hmclaren I'm a vegetarian, but that sounds so good right now! Now I have to make buffalo cauliflower bites tomorrow. 
    love buffalo cauliflower!!  
  • @hmclaren can I ask are you having a boy?  Your cravings sound exactly like mine when I was pregnant with my son!

    Lately I have been craving a tomato, mayo and garlic sandwich!  But I am patiently waiting for tomato season to begin so I can just pick a warm tomato from our garden.  The grocery store tomatoes just taste so awful to me.  Also grapes and strawberries since they are in season.  I can sit down and eat an entire pint of strawberries!
  • I wanted strawberry ice cream the other day but I didn't want to leave the house - but I had frozen strawberries and a can of Condensed Milk. So I made some!!! About 2 cups of strawberries into a blender and a whole can of condensed milk (I think they are 15oz?). Blend until smooth. You can eat it right away (I did as did my hubby and 2 kids. It's more sorbet soft serve) or put it in a container and freeze for later. Mmmm! I'm going to make a peach one today. 
  • Mine has not really changed. I still love my carbs and sweets. I eat other things but sweets is like the only thing that satisfies my craving. 
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  • I want some veggie sushi so badly right now, with extra wasabi. 
  • @JustBored10 I'm actually having a girl! 
  • Still crave anything strawberry!! I have had a craving for starburst and nesquik strawberry milk the last few days (hubby tried give me wawa strawberry milk.. not the same!:( )
  • According to the scale I just stepped on my new craving is going to be chicken breast, fruits and veggies. But otherwise I have never really craved anything specific, it's just when I want something I want it now. Lol
  • I would LOVE to crave something, anything! I just did my online grocery order and nothing sounded appetizing. 
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  • I gave my salad the evil eye at lunch time because it wasn't macaroni and cheese. This pregnancy has intensified my love affair with pasta. 
  • I'm obsessed with fruit right now, particularly strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and watermelon. But artificial fruit flavor--particularly strawberry--has really grossed me out lately. 
  • Umm..this week it's been white peaches! My favorite especially when they are ripe - so juicy and I tend to eat about 3 in one sitting!
  • I have been craving rabbit ice. I could eat a bucket of it!
  • Fruit and mashed potatoes. It's literally all I'm eating. 

  • So as I have said before I am all about anything strawberry.. a coworker just came in with strawberry kitkats. I was very unsure about them but tried them and cant get enough!!!!!! they are my new fav right now.
  • I just want strawberry poptarts for some reason, I haven't really liked them since college, but I can't stop eating them lately.
  • Anyone else just want to eat strawberries all day everyday?
  • @Breath_Easy92 I could eat strawberries or any kind of fruit all day. I craved fruit for most of the pregnancy so far. Right now it is kiwis and ice chips. Or better yet frozen kiwi chips. So delicious!
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    @JNR6510 yes! Kiwi is delicious too :) also cherries, peaches, apples, and raspberries are ALWAYS well stocked in my kitchen. J bet frozen grapes would be good too now that it's hot out. 
  • @breath_Easy92 ; Strawberries are my jam right now!!! anything strawberries I have craved strawberries for weeks!!! which I have said so many times here haha <3
  • jenn622-2 said:
    All you ladies with the fruit cravings are making me feel guilty about my chocolate and ice cream obsession right now, haha! I am craving fruit too... but I want it on top of chocolate cake.
    Ha! I was just thinking this, too! Are French fries fruit? 

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    @jenn622-2 I literally ate 17 Dunkin Donut munchkins in one sitting the other day, don't feel bad, lol.
  • I actually don't have a lot of cravings. I am *really* enjoying this bowl of Tostitos Scoops I am eating at the moment.
  • @jenn622-2, I have a handful of dark chocolate and dried apricots next to me right now. That's balance, right? 
  • There's this dessert I had on vacation at a German restaurant called Pretzel Pudding. It's soft salted pretzel bites baked in like cream or something, topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and drizzled with caramel. It's the most amazing dessert ever, and I need to figure out how to make it, because it's all I want to eat right now.
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